Milton Estrasi - местный частный тур гид в стране Мексика

I start my career working for environmental organisations that make me develop a great love for nature and sustainability which I try to include in each of my excursions supporting families and natural protected areas.

This passion took me to lead groups in most of the Latin American countries and once in a while in Europe. This experience have open my eyes to many different points of view and love to try all the amazing flavours from all over. I perfectly know that my real passion is to show people the beautiful places, flavours, cultures, etc that we have in this world.

Please, let me show you around I promise we will have so much fun!

Языки Английский, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Валюты Евро (EUR), Мексиканское песо (MXN), Доллар США (USD)

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