Milisenta Miseviciute - местный частный тур гид в стране Литва

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My name is Milisenta. I love to explore new things and share it with others. So let me help you to know Vilnius and Lithuania better!

I guide excursions in English, Spanish and Lithuanian languages. For children and adults, private and groups, traditional tour in old town or alternative in neighborhoods behind the walls of the historical center. Tell me what are your interests and I will help you to know Vilnius and other places in Lithuania better!

‒ I'm flexible and willing to fulfill the interest of the traveler.

‒ I'm passionate about my city, its history, culture, and all its interesting places and want to share my knowledge with visitors.

‒ I'm local, I'm a professional guide and I love showing the most beautiful spots in Vilnius, Trakai, Klaipeda, Palanga, Kaunas, Curonian Spit, Hill of Crosses and other places of Lithuania.

‒ I love traveling and I'm curious. I'm constantly looking for new interesting things that I could share with you.

Some more useful information:

- I am experienced, professional and licensed guide, every year I take part in training courses for guides, I create tours and routes by myself.

- I guide excursions to my friends and guests since 2005.

- So far, I have visited almost 40 countries in the world, on 4 continents, I am open to other cultures, and at the same time I try to promote better knowledge of Lithuania too.

I am pretty much flexible to every traveler's preference and always happy to meet their requirements the best way.

You are welcome to Vilnius, Lithuania, happy to be your guide, always!

Mi nombre es Milisenta. Me encanta explorar cosas nuevas y compartirlo con otros.

¡Déjame ayudarte a conocer mejor Vilna y Lituania! Guío excursiones en inglés, español y lituano. Para niños y adultos, privados y grupos, recorrido tradicional en el casco antiguo o alternativo en barrios detrás de los muros del centro histórico.

¡Dime cuáles son tus intereses y te ayudaré a conocer mejor Vilna y otros lugares en Lituania!

- Soy flexible y estoy dispuesta a cumplir con el interés del viajero.

- Me apasiona mi ciudad, su historia, cultura y todos sus lugares interesantes y quiero compartir mi conocimiento con los visitantes.

- Soy local, soy una guía profesional y me encanta mostrar los lugares más bellos de Vilna, Trakai, Klaipeda, Palanga, Kaunas, Istmo de Curlandia, Colina de las Cruces y otros lugares de Lituania.

- Me encanta viajar y soy curiosa. Estoy constantemente buscando nuevas cosas interesantes que pueda compartir contigo.

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