Borek Seehak - местный частный тур гид в странах Чехия, Словакия

After a degree from ecology on Mendel University at Brno, he spent some time travelling.

Later I started to work as a mountain tour leader and tour guide. I have been guided over 100 trips.

I guided several groups with different interest including wildlife, birds, flowers, culture

and history within central Europe.

I changed his position in the travel industry and represent travel companies abroad,

later cooperate with leading travel companies such as Exodus, Naturetrek, Wilderness Travel,

Mountain Travel Sobek as a country manager. As an operations manager designs and operates

special interest and private trips within central Europe.

Co-founder of Czech Expedition Society(only Czech member of prestigious

Royal Geographical Society in London).

I travelled intensively to different countries and organized study trips including Mexico

(study Maya Indians), Cuba, Morocco, Thailand (mountains tribes), China, Madagascar and

many others. Madagascar became one of his favourites. He organized filming expedition to

Madagascar in cooperation with Czech television. He organized a photographic exhibition

in the Royal Geographical Society in London.Recently cooperate with Czech-US NGO NO AVY.

in Madagascar on ecological projects.

Photographed in Mexico and Madagascar. When I am not leading groups,

I am hiking with his daughter. Keen photographer, scuba-diver and biker.

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