Idioma English, Spanish
Precio 1590 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes 1 persona
Duración 5 días

Choquequirao Trek 5D/4N - 1590 FOR TWO PEOPLE - PRIVATE SERVICE.

This trek enables to get a firsthand view of the unique Inca settlement perched about the Apurimac Canyon, known by many as mighty river in Quechua “the Talking God”. Here a series of impressive Inca sites have been found. This trek combines Inca remains, unforgettable views of the magnificent mountains, ecological zones with exuberant and diversity vegetation, species of orchids, which are the most beautiful, diversified and evolved flowers in the vegetable kingdom and fauna with numerous species of insects, birds and the most representative of this area in the Andean condor (vulture graphs).Our trek start in the village of Cachora and ends at the same village. This trek is recommended for people who want to experience the nature and exploring the less popular trails.

DAY 1: Cusco - Cachora - Chiquiska

Early morning at 05:00am we will pick you up from your hotel in our private van to start with our journey to the village of Cachora (2880m), driving for about 5 hours to start our trekking, during our journey we will be able to see Salkantay Mountain (6270m) second highest mountain in Cusco region, passing through the Cunyac bridge which is between the departments of Cusco and Apurimac. Then we will get Curahuasi village where we will have some time to buy the last things for our hike. (early LUNCH ) .. local lunch is not included. Then we continue to Cachora (2880m) then drive to CAPULIYOC where we are going to meet our horse drivers to start with our trekking along the edge of the mountain. Capuliyoc (2915m). Here we will have the first views of the Apurimac valley as well as the snow –capped peaks of Padrayoc and Wayna Cachora. From here, we will start to descent toward Coca Masana (2300m), for about 3 hours to our campsite where the weather flora and fauna change a lot, then finally arriving to our Campsite Chiquiska (1850m).

Maximum Altitude: 2915m

Minimum altitude: 1850m

Trekking distance: 8 km

Estimate time: 5 hours

DAY 2: Chiquiska - Maranpata - Choquequirao

Early departure, after an energetic breakfast we will start to descend to Playa Rosalinas and to the Magnificent Apurimac River 1550m, approximately 1 hour hiking, to cross the Apurimac River over the bridge, then we will start to climbing up to Santa Rosa 2100m for about 3 hours, where we are going to take a refreshing break, then we continue climbing up to Maranpata 2900m.for another 2 hours where we will have lunch, enjoying the fantastic view of Choquequirao .After our delicious lunch we will continue to second campsite, which is 2 hours hiking to Choquequirao Inca site (3100m). Being so close to the Inca site, there are many possibilities to see condors and enjoying the Inca Site into the late evening. On the way, we will encounter different species of flora and fauna such as some species of orchids.

- You can go all the way to Choquequirao site ..explore the Llamas site .. this is very beautiful .. you can see the sunset at Choquequirao Inca site .. after doing this you go back to the camp site.

Maximum Altitude: 3100m

Minimum altitude: 1550m

Trekking distance: 13-14 km

Estimate time: 7-8hours

DAY 3: Choquequirao - Maranpata campsite

The third day we spend the day exploring the magnificent archaeological site of Choquequirao situated on a ridge overlooking the Canyon. Enjoying our private tour and exploring all of the beautiful sections such as temples, astronomical observatories, palaces, water channels, llama section and terraces. After exploring around 4 hour in the morning the Inca Site, We will take snacks then we go to explore more of Choquequirao .. after visiting choquequirao we will head back to the camp for lunch. After lunch, we move our camp to Maranpata cam site .. wich is beautifull .. we will have a great view of the whole Valley.

Maximum Altitude: 3100m

Minimum altitude: 3100m

Trekking distance: 4-5 km

Estimate time: 5-6hours

DAY 4: Maranpata - Santa Rosa - Playa Rosalinas - Chiquiska

After early breakfast, we will prepare our self for our way back to Cusco. It will take us 4 -5 hours back to Chiquisca (1850m) with the amazing views of the Apurimac Canyon, then we will start to descent for about 4 hours, enjoying amazing views of the Apurimac Canyon to Playa Rosalinas(1550m) where we are going to stop for lunch at Chiquisca. The following 2 hours uphill will bring us to the base camp Cocamasana (2200m) where we are going to spend the fourth night.

Maximum Altitude: 3100m

Minimum altitude: 1550m

Trekking distance: 13-14 km

Estimate time: 7-8hours

DAY 5: Cocamasana - Capuliyoc - Cusco

On the fifth day we will wake you up early morning to have breakfast, after an energetic breakfast we will start climbing up for about 3 hours to Capuliyoc (2915m).Here we will take some rest to continue - Our Private transport will be waiting for us at Capuliyoc - which is the end of our trek and to say goodbye to hour horse mens, and take our private van back to Cusco- Hotel.

On the way back .. we will stop at Curauasy to have lunch in a local restaurant. this is not included.

Maximum Altitude: 2900m

Minimum altitude: 1850m

Trekking distance: 9 km

Estimate time: 3 hours


Pre departure briefing directly at your Hotel

Transport: Private transport from Cusco (hotel) to start of the trek and private transport from Capuliyoc back to Cusco -hotel

Meals: Day 1 - Dinner, Day 2 - breakfast + lunch + dinner, Day 3 - breakfast + lunch + dinner, Day 4 - breakfast + lunch + dinner, Day 5 - breakfast food is includes pancakes, omelets, soup, fresh fruits, chicken,fish,meat,rice pasta and hot drinks including coca leaf tea which is very effective against altitude sickness. Teatime every afternoon (tea, coffee, and popcorn. We can also provide vegetarian meals and special diets. Just let us know in advance or during the briefing on the evening before the trekking.

Every morning and afternoon warm water to clean yourself up.

English speaking professional guide (two Guides for 8 people of over 8 people)

Horsemen and horses to carry the tents,food,cooking equipment and your personal equipment such as mattress, sleeping bag and clothing to change. A maximum of 8 Kilos per person. An emergency horse in case someone needs help and is not able to continue walking.

Camping equipment: Two people will always share a spacious four people dome igloo tent with plenty of spaces for your backpack. Cooking equipment dining tent kitchen tent, first aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.

One inflatable sleeping pad per person

Filtered boiled water from 2nd day onwards

Hand soaps

Entrance fees to Choquequirao


First breakfast (day one) first lunch and last lunch because we will get to Capuliyoc early around 8 - 9 am

Sleeping bag (25 US$ to rent)



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