St.Petersburg. Winter adventures in Karelia

Idioma English, Russian
Costo 800 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de más de 10 personas
Duración 3 días

Republic of Karelia is a beautiful region with Northern character. In this journey you will go out of Emperor's Saint Petersburg to feel simple Russia, real Russian winter with lots of snow, winter fun and activities, and to admire incredible Northern nature, who like a bride have dressed her beautiful snowy white dress!

We will visit the medieval fortress of Vyborg, which has experienced many battles, but it is still remained as a silent witness to the events of the past! You will try yourself in the role of a musher to take a ride in a fascinating dog sledding race! You will drive across the snowy spaces of the forest braking silence with the roar of snowmobile and then you’ll "get some hot" in banya – traditional Russian sauna. And during the trip we will have a lot of interesting talks about Russian history, culture, traditions and cuisine!

Excursions and entertainments:

- Visiting of medieval fortress in Vyborg

- Beautiful marble quarry Ruskeala

- Snowmobiling

- Banya (traditional Russian sauna)

- Dog sledding

- Optional activities: zip-line or ropejumping.


Day 1. Travel to medieval European city

- Today we will start our unforgettable adventures in a winter Wonderland! The first point of our trip will be small city Vyborg which is located in 35 km from the Russian-Finnish border, that was founded in 1293 by the Swedes. During one of their Crusades they have noticed benefecial location of Castle island, where there was a small Karelian fortress. The fortress was captured and in 1293 Swedes have built a fortified stone castle at this place. During its history Vyborg belonged to Sweden, Russian Empire, Finland, Soviet Union and now Russia.

We will visit the famous Vyborg Castle, that is located on the island in Vyborg Bay and get to the St. Olav’s tower to watch stunning views of the city!

- After that we will walk around the center of Vyborg and will have a lunch in Round Tower which is another attraction of the city.

- After lunch we will say good bye to Leningrad oblast and drive out of Vyborg to meet Karelia!

Day 2. The incredible beauty of Karelian nature

- Today we will have very vivid and active day! We will start it with snowmobile tour across the winter trails of gorgeous Karelia. We are going to ride through the forest, breaking silence with the roar of snowmobile engine and having a portion of adrenaline! We’ll ride away from highways to meet a fairy winter forest with huge snow drifts and trees, covered with a snow blanket!

- After this tour we will visit the stunningly beautiful marble quarry Ruskeala – a valuable treasure of Karelian nature! You will see huge and extremely beautiful marble rocks and learn how marble, that was used in decorating of several buildings of Saint Petersburg, was formed here layer by layer through the centuries. Extreme lovers can experience breathtaking rope-jumping from the rock and zip-line along the whole quarry!

- After the day in winter nature we will spend the evening in banya – traditional Russian sauna. This is a perfect place to “heat the bones”, and very good for health as prophylactic of many diseases! During banya everybody who wishes can jump in the snow like Russians do As for me, I will do it for sure !

Day 3. Is it easy to be a musher?

- This day will be one of the most memorable day of our journey! Today we will meet and spend time with huskies – the most friendly dogs in the world! You will learn about character and hierarchy of huskies and history of the breed. Huskies enjoy to get attention and love to play with people, so we promise you a bunch of positive, warm hugs and cool happy photos! And then you are going to try yourself as a musher! We will have a route in the forest roads and you will be the one, who drive the sleds!

- After having fun with huskies we will go back to St. Petersburg. On arrival you can go to hotel or we can go for a walk in the historical center of Saint Petersburg.

- Today we can also spend the evening with Long and cozy Farewell Dinner with chatting, laughing and refreshing all amazing adventures that we have experienced together!


- Transport on tour

- 3* Hotel accommodation in twin-rooms

- Food: Daily breakfasts on the route, snacks and drinks during long drivings on the route

- Entry fees to attractions and sightseeing

- Active Entertainments: Snowmobiling, banya (Russian sauna), dog sledding

- All necessary consultations and 24-hours support during the trip

- English/Russian speaking guides or translation. If your group needs translation to another language – please, mention it when booking

- Photos and movie with your adventures in Russia


- Interpreter to another language (not Russian/English). If you have a group and you need a translation in your language, please, mention about it when booking

- Travel medical insurance

- Lunches and dinners that are not mentioned above and alcohol (approximately 30-50$ per day)

- Souvenirs, tips and other personal expenses

- Optional activities: zip-line (30$), ropejumping (30$) and others that are not mentioned in main program

- Individual transfers during free time

- Additional payment for single accomodation: $150 / €130


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