Visit Khanty & Nenets people and Reindeer Herders Festival in Salekhard, 2017

Idioma English, Russian
Precio 800 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de más de 10 personas
Duración 4 días

DATE OF TOUR: March 31'st - April 03'd, 2017

Day 1. Welcome to Salekhard – severe capital

- Today we will meet with Salekhard – the only city in the world located right at the Polar Circle.

- We will visit Obdorskiy Ostrog – a recreated copy of fortress that was built here in 1595 and became a parent of today’s Salekhard, and now it is built right at its historical location. Then we will visit monument dedicated to “Romantics of 70’th”, that was established to honor beginning of oil and gas industry development in Yamal, we will cross the Polar Circle and visit Museum of Ivan Shemanovskiy and will see a ledendary baby mammoth Lyuba and the skeleton of mogochinskiy mammoth. If we still have free time, we can visit a market “Treasures of Yamal” and see or buy northern delicatessens and traditional handicrafts.

Day 2. Reindeer Herders Festival – the main event of the year for Yamal nomads

- The festival begins! This day will become one of the most vivid impressions for you during this trip! Today we will see all most important things of Khanty and Nenets people life. Someone meets with good friends, somebody shows their new kids that were born during this year, somebody is looking for a wife (or husdband for his daughter). And also we will see a lot of interesting competitions: reindeer sleigh racing, national clothes contest, traditional wrestling, jumping through “narty” (sleigh), throwing of “tynzyan” (lasso) to “khorey” (wooden stick), tug of stick and many others!

- After the fest we will relocate to “stoybische” (reindeer herders camp) by snowmobiles or terrain vehicle “Trekol” which will take us through the tundra far away from cities and roads. It is not “ethnical park” or something like this just to attract tourists, this is real “stoybische” of real nomads Nenets and Khanty. That is why you need to be prepared that there is no civilization here. Absolutely. It is another reality, like another planet or another time dimension. The difference that you will see will blow your mind when you realize that it is 21’st century, you are still in civilized country Russia, and you are real participant of what is happening around. There is no shower and restroom here, no beds (we will sleep in sleeping bags right at the reindeer skin), no shops and internet, sometimes people here need to eat raw meat and drink warm reindeer blood to get vitamins, and they get water from snow. But there is breathtaking sky here with billions of bright stars, Northern Lights, unity with nature and culture of real nomads who saved their traditions through the centuries till our days.

- On arrival to “stoybische” we will meet hosts, their watch dogs and “avkas” – reindeer babies that are like pets. For the dinner we will have only traditional food made of fish, reindeer meat and berries of tundra. After dinner some of you can start preparing for sleep, and some can go for a walk for Polar Lights hunting! This night we will spend all together in “chum” (traditional tent) of reindeer herders.

Day 3. One day in reindeer herders camp (stoybische) to feel life of Nenets and Khanty

- Today we will have opportunity to feel how these people who invited us to their home live their everyday life. In the early morning we are moving to the pasture of main herd of reindeers. We will watch there how herders work with reindeers, we will pat and feed reindeers, ride reindeer sleigh and try to catch them with “tynzyan” (lasso). By request of the group we can order slaughter of reindeer and watch how Nenets eat traditional food “Nyar Nekh” – raw fresh meat with blood, as fresh blood is the only source of vitamins for tundra people during long and cold winter time. Those of you who wish it can also join the process 😉

- On arrival to stoybische we will continue learning life and culture of reindeer herders, we will talk and ask questions, learn how to prepare reindeer skin, how to needlework with reindeer tendons, cook traditional food and after we will have a photosession with national clothes.

- Late in the evening of this day we are moving back to Salekhard!

Day 4. Farewell hugs!

- Today we are leaving back home to civilization, soft beds, hot shower and regular life. However, the small part of Russian North will stay in our hearts forever after this adventure.

- Just be prepared for long goodbyes, laughing, tears and promices that all of us will meet each other again in Russia, in your country or somewhere far at the other side of the world!


- Group airport / railway station transfers on arrival and departure

- Transport on tour

- 3* Hotel accommodation in twin-rooms and 1 night group accomodation in "chum" in camp of reindeer herders

- Food: all food during stay in the camp of reindeer herders

- Entry fees to attractions and sightseeings

- Photos and movie about your adventures in Yamal

- Entertainments: sightseeing tour around Salekhard, visiting of Reindeer Herders Festival, driving to the reindeer herders camp by snowmobile or arctic off-roader "Trekol", tasting traditional food like "stroganina" - raw frozen fish or reindeer meat and berries, riding reindeer sleigh, workshops: reindeer skin procession, needlework with reindeer tendons, throwing of lasso.


- Tickets: Your city – Salekhard – Your city

- If you want to experience travelling by Russian Railway, you can join us for additional price for tickets: 70$ one side trip by 3 class (most memorable because you will go with simple Russian people and maybe will find some Russian friends, but it is less comfortable as there is no private zone) or for 120$ one side trip by 2 class (more comfort and privacy, but less of adventures), we will be with you during whole trip. In this case we will leave Moscow on 28.03 and will arrive 30.03 to Salekhard, or on the way back we can leave Salekhard on 03.04 and arrive to Moscow on 05.04.

- If you will arrive on 30.03, you will need to pay 50$ (or 100$ for single accomodation) more for 1 extra night in hotel

- Travel medical insurance (if necessary)

- Visa fees

- Food that is not mentioned above and alcohol (15$ per day, 20$ with alcohol)

- Souvenirs, tips and other personal expenses

- Reindeer slaughter with traditional eating of raw meat and drinking blood as a source of vitamins by request (300$ per group)

- Individual transfers during free time

- Additional payment for single accomodation: $150 / €130


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