marvels of Paris

Idioma French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Precio 450 EUR por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de hasta 5 personas
Duración 6 horas

Meet your expert private guide at a place or at you hotel in Paris to begin your exceptional sightseeing tour.

Fabulous tour. Packed with really fascinating info, finer details you will fill spellbound as your history lesson brought the true horrors of the French revolution era to vivid life in a way you will had never imagined possible. This is serious historical research over years with a passion that brings it to life in. A highly entertaining and scarily real way. Absolutely a tour for the hard core history bods and novices alike !

An excellent introduction to understanding the beauties of Paris!

You want to discover the secrets, the charms of the city? Be immersed in the history, and the culture.

Be inspired, be touched, have fun. Learn and interact with the unique beauty and magic of the city!

Put on your seat belt - Ready!

You will never forget! FOLLOW KRISTIN!

A fantastic journey into the remnants of Paris' Roman past and its medieval history. We start in the heart of the city: Like Venus, Paris was born on an island.

We will cover lots of ground smoothly.

Marvel at - a very exciting experience!

Let's head to the cathedral Notre-Dame, &the; Marais, the most fascinating areas of Paris chic district of 800 years ago.

No visit to Paris is complete without a visit to the latin quarter. This area is the lively centre of literary and bohemian artists.

Driving along the Seine river we will head to the Champs-Elysées ,the magnificent avenue,the arc de Triomph next to the 1,000-foot Eiffel Tower is next. Once the tallest structure in the world! An magnificent sight!

THIS TOUR IS INTERACTIVE, so you can have a real conversation. Based on your questions and observations, you will receive a personal understanding of the city, its history, its secrets, its charms...


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