Eagle hunting & Horse riding 3 day tour

Idioma English, Russian, Turkish
Precio 350 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de hasta 10 personas
Duración 3 días

With joining this tour you will explore the nature of Kyrgyzstan, lifes of nomadic kyrgyz people and hunting experience with eagle hunter Mr.Ishenbek. He learned eagle hunting from his grandfather and already has more than 40 years of eagle master experience.

Day 1: Bishkek – Bokonbaevo

Meeting at the start of the day in airport or in hotel in Bishkek.

Visit Burana tower historical complex. Lunch in Boom Gorge and keep driving to Issyk Kul lake. Dinner in Bokonbaevo and Accommodation in Bel Tam yurt camp.

Day2. Kadji Sai – Hunting day

After breakfast meeting eagle master and go to the real hunting with him. We will follow him on horseback, he and his eagle will search for rabbits and foxes. (5-6hours on horseback). After dinner open air thermal swimming pool

Accommodation in Bel Tam yurt camp.

Day 3 Kadji Sai – Boz Salkyn - Bishkek

After breakfast trip Boz salkyn pastureland. Hiking though alpine forest mountain to ponaramic view to Issy Kul lake. Lunch and back to bishkek 4 hours of driving. Arrive to your hotel.

if needs can be arranged transfer to Manas airport.

Cost includes:

• All petrol and driver expences

• Accommodations at the yurt camp with breakfast

• Entrences to national areas, parks and museum

• Horse riding

• Eagle hunting show

• Thermal swimming pool in Kadji Sai

• Coffee and sandwich on picnic

• A bottle of mineral water on each day of the tour

P.S. In winter time accomondation in guest house with warm rooms and buth.


1-2pax 490$

3pax 400$



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