Moez Sghaier es guía turístico local en Túnez

I offer professionally guided, tailor-made, in-depth tours for the intrepid traveller, in English, French, German & Italian (and Arabic). We offer special CULTURAL TRIPS and special AGRITOURISM experiences & activities. We love to share our favourite off-the beaten track places and hidden gems of this country.

We believe in:

• Responsible & Fair Tourism

• Supporting local communities & small businesses

• Encouraging direct interaction between you and the local people

• Facilitating individual travellers – we know well that Tunisia is not so easy to navigate as a lone traveller. We can help, and design trips according to your tastes & budget.

• Ecotourism

Tell us what your preferences. We design:

ARCHAEOLOGICAL TOURS: Visit the many spectacular ancient sites of Tunisia – from Punic, Roman to early Islamic times

EDUCATIONAL: Archaeology, History, Art, Interactive Language tours

CULTURAL: Learn about the customs & traditions of local people, traditional villages, weekly markets, sampling local cuisine, supporting small-scale local artisans

AGRITOURISM ACTIVITIES: stay in charming B&Bs; in the countryside, participate in the olive and date harvests, spend a morning on a traditional boat with local fishermen or with local shepherds….

HANDS-ON: learn to speak basic Arabic while touring the medinas, souks & villages, participate in local activities

WALKING / NATURE TOURS: walking tours in Roman Africa (the northwest), the Berber South. See also our “Original Tunis Walk”.

THE WINE ROUTES OF TUNISIA: wine & wine tasting tours available.


These are only a few suggestions – do contact us for more information, or to create your own itinerary.


We are a couple, who have a passion for Tunisia's natural beauty and hidden gems. Together we have discovered many off-the beaten-track places, and wish to share our passion of the country with you.

With over 20 years of experience in Tourism, Moez Sghaier is an Official Tunisian Guide, as well as a Translator, Interpreter & Fixer. He speaks fluently French, English, Italian, German, & Classical Arabic and has a passion for History & Cultures. for over 20 years he has worked with international visitors and journalists (including The New York Times, Il Giornale, the Sydney Morning Herald, etc.),

Yvette, is a Professional Tour Leader with over 19 years of experience. She is originally from Canada, and has an academic background in Classical Archaeology. She specializes in running tours of the Ancient Mediterranean, Turkey, Greece, Italy & Sicily, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc. She has lived in Turkey, Greece and now Tunisia since 2008.

Idiomas Arabic, English, French, German, Italian
Monedas Dólar estadounidense (USD), Euro (EUR)



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