Azhar Bangiel es guía turístico local en Indonesia

Hi All, I'm Azhar.

you can call me Azhar/Az / zre.

I stayed in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

For guiding, i prefer to guide you all for Ecotourism or Nature trip because i love it and also found something new for hideout.

However, Bandung is the city of heritage, culinary and fashion. It's also called Parijs Van Java. so i do know to the heritage and culinary places.

Other city that i know lot is Banjarmasin, South Borneo and Bau-bau, South east Sulawesi.

Please don't hesitate to call or chat with me. I'm not good with trip package because i'm just a private guide not officially Tour Agent.

For payment, i only accept CASH or local Bank Transfer for now.

Can't wait to welcoming you all and hear a good news to travel here.

Just call me, email, whatsapp, see my biography or writen in my tour. Greenholeexploredotcom

Best regards,


Licensed Mountain Guide, Licensed Diver, Member Of Nature & Survival Club. Member of First Respone Medical Club, Member of Caving Club, Member Of Climbing Club.

Green Hole Explore

ZAP Adventure

Idiomas English, Indonesian
Monedas Dólar estadounidense (USD), Rupiah indonesia (IDR)



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