Amirhossein Seydi es guía turístico local en Irán


I am amirhossein from tehran

Iam about 21

I like guiding all of tourism

This is not my major iam studying petrolium in university but l like to commiucating

I can help us if they like

The young guid better than old guid

If you like come to iran

I can help you for anything

(Find hotel .rent car .airport transfre)

& and i can make your trip cheaper than you think

Per hours about 5.5$

One day 52$

Transfree airport about 32$

Ceradit Simcard 5$

(you must buy cradit)

If you like exchange your money i konw best rate to exchange

All of musium & park & garden

Every were i konw

If you like to make cheap trip i can do this

In tehran i can do anything

Give me  a massge for anything

Thank you

I hope see you one day



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