Patson Chifumbe es guía turístico privado local en Zambia, Zimbabue, Botswana

Bantu Pathfinders is a Destination Management Company based in the Tourist Capital of Livingstone, Zambia. We sale Holiday experiences to clients. The company specializes in African tailor made packages and travel. Bantu Pathfinders is also open to tailor African packages with clients’ input, to fulfill their dreams and desires..

Our tour activities include Road Transfers and Travels, Country and regional Charter planes fly in and fly out Safaris, African Historical and Cooking tours, African Cultural tours, African Drive safaris, African Walking safaris, Bird Watching, and various Accommodation provisions including Camping Safaris and Luxury tents. Around Livingstone town we take you to several Adventure and Adrenaline rush activities, flights over the Victoria Falls, Water sports, and Luxury boat cruises, Luxury Safari Dinner train and Safaris animal interactions. As a company, we also facilitate for Conferences and Conference logistics.

Through partnerships, our services extend to all our neighbors of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and even South Africa and of course Eastern and Sub-Saharan African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.

As one of leading service providers in the Tourism Industry in this Gem of a Country and Region, we take pride in offering the best Accommodation, Activities, Tours, and Road transfer rates.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We will gladly plan your holiday together with you and schedule your transfers from the time you arrive – to the time you depart. We urge you to take a trip to this beautiful country and destination.

Bantu Pathfinders Limited was legally registered on 18th of November, 2008, in Livingstone, Zambia, according to Zambia’s Company Law and holds a Company Registration Certificate No. 73937

Our Offices are in Livingstone but our services go countrywide and throughout the region.

Our Mission is to Market Zambia and the Region to the Global market as a Tourism destination and provide Tourism services to all clients with Honesty and integrity and of course environmentally friendly practices, for instance, we support Kebby Kambulwe, See picture Gallery and are in partnership with FONACOSA.

Mission Statement

Bantu Pathfinders Ltd is an indigenous wholly owned Zambia company with a mission to market Zambia as a Destination and Provide Tourism services to all Potential Clients.


Offer sustainable quality and affordable services.


To provide our services responsibly with Honest, Integrity and with environmentally friendly practices

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