Hakan Bozdag es guía turístico local en Turquía

PRIVATE EPHESUS TOURS -- SHORE EXCURSIONS from KUSADASI ( EPHESUS ) PORT. Hello from Kusadasi, Ephesus. This is Hakan, one of the licensed professional tour guides in Kusadasi, and also with huge experience all over Turkey. l have been working in the tourism sector more than 15 years in different agencies in Kusadasi.

l was born and grew up in Kusadasi, very close to Ephesus. I organize and conduct Private Tours to Ephesus, Kusadasi and surroundings, for groups or individual travellers. It is a great pleasure that l welcome you to my new section of exclusive private tours and excursions.

You've come to the right person if you're looking for a personalized Ephesus tour just for you and your travelling companions. My concept is to consider you as guests, give you all the best and quality service to make you satisfied during your trip in my country. I am a professional and experienced tour guide wanting to provide my guests with the most unforgettable travel experience of their life.

It's a privilege to visit Ephesus with a private guide and nobody can know Ephesus better than a local tour guide.


Hakan Bozdag

Some Advantages of My Private Tours Instead of Rigidly Timed Bus Tours

• First, you can ask everything directly to your own private tour guide and get the answers instantly.

• You do not have to stop your tour if one fellow gets ill or fell down in big groups in the ruins. Because the guide of the big groups has to care with this person. Your tour will come unbearable although it might be your only day in Turkey.

• My tour prices are more reasonable than cruise shore tours, although our tours are consist of same quality of vans and tour guide. Why you pay more?

• With a large groups, you are dependant to their schulede. But in a private tour, you do not have to follow any of the program, you decide what you would like to see and skip some of them or add more. Because my tours are based on my guests' needs and interests.

• In large groups, sometimes tour guides skip the most interesting details in a sight because it might be impossible to show it to everyone in a large group.

• In a private tour, you do not have to wait all the group with about 30-40 people who have different interests, try to take a picture of everything and usually stay behind the group.

• In a private tour, while visiting the ruins you do not wait for a long time in lines to get ticket or get into the ruins or museums. Because your private tour guide will make everything ready for you.

• If you can not hear the guide in a large group or you fall behind because the pace is too fast, you are just out of luck.

• In a private tour, you can communicate much better and interact with local people instead of just reading from your guide book and trying to figure out your way.

• You can decide when you want to start and conclude your tour. Because this is your own private tour.

• You can give a break to take picture, to eat or drink something, for shopping when and where ever you want during your private tour.

• You do not have to share a bus with 40 people. In my private tours, you will have your own private A/C Vehicle.

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