Raju Meena es guía turístico local en India

Dear Guests

My name is Raju from Jaipur ,India . Tour guiding is my passion, hobby and then its my work

Since childhood i was showing people around even i could not speak any foreign language but just for my curiosity i was doing this

I like to represent my country ,i like exchanging my ideas and travel experience with any traveller

My tours take any tourist deep in the indian culture and life ,you will have feeling that you are local from here

I have done Bachelor degree in science biology

I have got diploma in french language

I have got work experience with BBC for the documentary "The Real Marigold Hotel" in 2015 as their local tour guide in Jaipur

Idiomas English, French
Monedas Dólar estadounidense (USD), Rupia india (INR), Euro (EUR), Libra esterlina (GBP)



Claude Curutchet
11:01 22 SEP 2018
Rajesh ou Raju m'a fait la visite de Jaipur. Il connaît bien l'histoire et l'architecture de sa ville.
Il parle bien français.
Il est passé à la télé aussi pour échappées belles
J'ai eu la chance de voir sa mère et d'avoir mangé chez lui.
Contactez lui pour votre belle journée inoubliable à Jaipur
Jitka Siguenza
17:59 03 OCT 2018
Raju is a local tour guide from Jaipur , he knows Jaipur by heart. I took his Jaipur sightseeing tour and within 8 hours.
He showed me all of Jaipur including some hidden parts of the city which I would not have made by my own
He became my good friend now and I would hire him again as my tour guide.
William Bensimon
06:50 24 OCT 2018
I had a nice expérience with him
Highly recommend
Маша Плаксина
17:11 25 ENE 2019
Раджеш хороший гид, мне очень понравилось. Мы много где были. Он очень много рассказал интересного об Амбар форте. Мы были в горах. В походе. Все было супер. Всем его рекомендую
Vadim Agatiy
12:48 26 ENE 2019
Raju best Gide in the world. If you can choose, only Raju. Very nice person, very interesting, very comfortable, I come back in India only than to see Raju again!
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