Adventure Jeep tour in the Pamir - 13 days

Language English, French, Persian (Farsi), Russian
Price 3 650,00 EUR for excursion
Capacity Group of up to 10 people
Duration 13 hours

Adventure Jeep tour in the Pamir - 13 days

The far corners of civilization, the peculiar life, the meeting of cultures and ancient history is something that could characterize this route. During the trip tourists will have the opportunity to experience the hospitality of Asians, to see the mountains of Pamirs, to feel the breath of high mountain deserts, to taste the water of the salt lakes of Tajikistan. And this Jeep tour not only tells, but also shows and makes You feel that actually there is such a region of the Pamirs in Tajikistan. Only here You will be given the opportunity to learn all about the most distant corners of civilization, original life of the local population, to learn the culture and history of the Pamirs - that thing could characterize this route. The Great Silk Road as a trade route, appeared in III century BC and existed until the XVI century. You get the opportunity to be at the frontier of human being, You also can overview the famous Hindu Kush mountain on the Afghan side. The Pamirs is the territory in the East of Tajikistan, located in the historical and cultural region of Badakhshan, which forms a narrow passage, the so-called “Route” connecting Tajikistan with Kyrgyzstan and China is a narrow strip of land, severe high-mountain territory. Pamir, Tajikistan, Badakhshan, occupies nearly half of the territory of modern Tajikistan - 63’700km², covered on all sides by a continuous chain of high mountains, Pamir is one of the highest mountain systems of the planet with up to 4’900m above the sea.

Useful information: Duration - 13 days12 nights. The total length of the route - 1970 km. Maximum height 4650m the Minimum height of 500m. Optimal time for visiting: from June until late September. The route passes through the territory of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Temperature during the tour: from 0°C degrees to +35°C, depending on the season.

Itinerary gradation: jeep tour maximum range possible for the Asian region. Participants don't need to have special skills and physical training.


Trekking, horseback riding. We can change the tour program according to your wishes. For more detailed information, please contact us.

General recommendations:

- All necessary documents for entry / exit in all countries route must be made before the departure.

- Your passport should be valid at least 3 months after the intended date of the end of the tour.

Transport during the trip: - Jeep is the main mode of transport You will travel throughout the travel. - Plane - You will have one internal flight Osh-Bishkek.

The accommodation during the tour:

- Hotels - for our travelers, we choose the most conveniently located and proved hotels. Depending on the season and the size of the group the hotels may vary.

- Yurts / guest house on the territory of Tajikistan. In Yurts is no electricity but it has the necessary facilities.

This is an example for a 13 days Jeep Tour. We can change the program according to your wishes!

Day 1. Arrival in Dushanbe.

It is with Dushanbe - the capital of one of the five Central Asian republics will begin Your jeep tour through the Pamirs. This cozy city greets You with a picturesque combination of modern buildings, abundant greenery and the breathtaking beauty of the mountains. (Dushanbe, in Tajik means «Monday»). In this largest city of Tajikistan area rich in history and ancient Gissar fortress Situated about 30km to the West of Dushanbe city and national Antiquities and Ethnographic Museum of Tajikistan can tell about the life of civilizations which lived on the territory of the city of years ago. You will have to make preparations for the trip to the Pamirs, dinner and overnight in the hotel. (B.)

Day.2.Kalaihumb .This starts the day with transfer to Kalaihumb through the gorge Khaburabat whose depth reaches 3252 m! The town Kalai-Khumb is situated on the banks of the rivers humbob and Pyanj rivers on the border with Afghanistan. When you arrive to your destination, You will have the opportunity to relax and stay overnight at a local home stay (B. L. D)

Day.3.Khorog This day You will be going to the Khorog on the road we may Visit Fortress Vamar it is situated on the southwestern outskirts of the city Vamar height wall-6m, 7m thick, the main one-3m at the top. At the beginning of XX century. It was a Russian garrison Pamir squad. Else today You will find another move, the finals of which will be visiting the city of Khorog, the capital of Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tajikistan (since 1925). Khorog is a beautiful green city with huge poplar trees and quaint traditional Pamir houses in the outskirts. You can visit any of these Botanical garden, Regional Museum, handicraft, Central Park In the city are extremely typical of the Central Asian region building, combining traditional Pamir houses and buildings of the Soviet type. buildings, it is quite normal .You are spending the night in a local hotel or home stay (B.L.D)

Day .4. Ishkashim

On this day You will take a trip to Ishkashim - urban village, located at 104 km from Khorog, on the banks of the river Pyanj. Here You will have a chance to see the most famous sanatorium of Central Asia, the name of which "Garm Chashma". This place is famous because here hot springs and mineral water. Also, the area attracts with its beautiful mountain landscapes and mountain rivers. If we are lucky, and we come to Ishkashim, on Saturday, we will be able to visit the border of the Tajik-Afghan market on the Afghan side. It is not necessary to receive Afghan visa for a visit. You are spending the night in a local hotel. (B.L.D)

Day 5. Ishkashim-Yamchun After an overnight stay in Ishkashim You will be transferred to another Wakhan valley from the village Namatgut to Yamchun . In the Wakhan was found more than 6000 pictures, which were depicted scenes of hunting, caravans and horsemen. Today You will meet with the Wakhan region! You can combine these tours with others. You'll see the magnificent view of the river Panj, Afghanistan, and the snowy peaks of the Hindu Kush. Start tour Whakhanis the corridor with the village Namatgut the visit of the ruins of the Caravanserai of the Great silk Road in Namatguti; the Kaahka Fortress (III century BC to VII century ad)., named after the legendary leader Siyakhpushes("dressed in black clothing") , which according to legend rules Wakhan region. The next village Darshai Excursion to petro glyphs in Darshai, some of which relate to the Kushan period. Other petro glyphs - Islamic writings. Overnight in home stay (B.L.D)

Day .6. Yamchun. Visit Zangibor fortress near the village Yamchun. This castle belongs to the Greco-Bactrian and Kushan period (III century BC ). Hike to the hot springs of Bibi Fatima. And visit the museum in the village Yamg: astronomic residence and Sufi scholar Muborak Vahoni (1839-1930 years). The museum has a collection of his manuscripts and artifacts of traditional instruments, musical instruments, and clothing. From the outside, is a solar calendar that was used to determine the Sufi Mubarak to celebrate Nowruz. Overnight in home stay (B.L.D)

Day.7. Langar Drive to Langer On the way visiting the Buddhist Stupa in Vrang,and the village Museum «Abdullo Ansori», dedicated to the mystic and Sufi poet Abdullo Ansori (11th century ad) On the way stop in the village Zong, visit the castle was Virshimkala (Silk fortress) on the Wakhan language, also known as Virshimkala) in Langar You will also visit the local history Museum and the mausoleum Schoch Kambari Oftabi - man brought in Langar faith Ismailism. Visit

to the mausoleum is a place of worship for the local highlanders. And we climb on the top of Langar to see Petro glyphic drawing some of which relate to the Kushan period. Langar, You will stay in a traditional guest house, where You will accept and will hospitable, Pamiri . not far from the Langar on the path towards the South there is another fortress Ratm . (B.L.D)

Day.8. Bulun-Kul . We will arrive in Bulun-Kul, Asil-Kul, where we'll live in a small village Bulunkul. People living here, the Tajiks and Kyrgyz nomads living in harsh but welcoming environment. Here we will deepen our understanding of how humans have adapted to life in remote mountain areas. We will walk around the ruins of the caravanserai and the solar calendar, on the North side of Lake Yashi-Kul lake.

Day.9. Murgab. Drive to Murgab On the road we will visit the old painting color in the grotto of the mine, and if the weather is clear enough, we lift up to Sorbulak Observatory, from which we can see, Muzd-Agata (7 546 m). and Kongur Vertices that are part Kunlun Range (located in China). Murgab is the highest city in the CIS territory, located at the altitude of more than 3650 meters above sea level. This town lies at the junction of the Pamir highway, which passes through the centre of the city and connects the region with Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, and the main road connecting Tajikistan with China over the Kulma pass. The city was built during Soviet times and is an important transport hub and the largest city in Eastern

part of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast.

The majority of its inhabitants are ethnic Kyrgyz, but they live in dwellings more typical of Tajiks. In a way You can observe the life of the local population and even to notice visible from afar, the highest peak of the Muzd-Agata (7546 m). Overnight in home stay (B.L.D)

Day.10. Karakul Lake. Today You will take a trip through the mountain pass Ak-baytal (4655 meters) in the Pamirs to the picturesque inland Karakul lake. located at the height of 3914 meters above sea level. The name of the lake can be translated from Turkic as «Black lake». Called it that because at a certain time of day, the water in the lake gets black tint, although this is not quite accurate: in the glow of the sun at a certain angle crystal clear lake water becomes either dark blue or dark green. So, today You will walk along the shore of lake and overnight in a Guest house.(B.L.D)

Day.11. Osh (Kyrgyzstan) In the morning, drive to Osh to visit Suleman mountain, Babur’s house, the history museum, Rabat Abdullah Khan mosque and mausoleum, Osh bazaar. Art gallerias.

Overnight in Asia Mountain hotel (BLD)

Day.12.Osh - Bishkek (air travel). We are take a flight to the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek! The capital of Kyrgyzstan is a unique young city unique and mysterious mountain country. Yeah, maybe here and there is no ancient or medieval monuments, but this is absolutely not a reason to ensure that this city is considered boring and uninteresting. Here your eyes gaze at the wonderful oak park, which is a kind of museum of sculptures in the open air, and everywhere scurrying squirrels, can not fail to cause the emotion! Not far from the oak park is "Bishkek Opening Day" - Erkindyk gallery where you can admire the works of Kyrgyz artists and craftsmen. The gallery opens the main square of the country - Ala-Too. Square white marble topped Government House, it is decorated with fountains, in addition, there is a scene constructed where mass concerts during the holidays. Overnight at hotel (B)

Day 13. Bishkek. Departure. Today is your jeep tour of the Pamirs, unfortunately, came to an end. In that short time, we tried not to miss anything important. Of course, if you had more time we could find much more surprising. However, the most important things you have seen. Welcoming the Asian land will look forward to your return visit!

This is an example for a 13 days Jeep Tour. We can change the program according to your wishes! If you wishing another tours kinds ? We may organize following below tours kinds !

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