По следам Исуса Христа в Иерусалиме In the footsteps of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem

Language English, Hebrew (modern), Russian
Price 225,00 USD for excursion
Capacity 60 persons max
Duration 9 hours

От места распятия и до воскрешения — экскурсия по священным памятникам христианской религии

Цель данной экскурсии — воссоздать в ваших глазах древний Иерусалим — таким, каким он был во времена Иисуса. С помощью Библии, трудов Иосифа Флавия и других древних авторов.

Наша экскурсия начнётся на Масличной Горе (Элеонской горе). Мы прикоснемся к камню, откуда Иисус вознесся на небо.

Зайдем в Спасо-Вознесенский монастырь, построенный на развалинах древне-византийской церкви,

увидим древнее еврейское кладбище, и французскую церковь Патер Ностер.

Посетим церкви Марии Магдалены и Доминус Флевит и церковь-гробницу Марии.

Затем, если у вас будут силы, во второй половине дня мы зайдем в Старый город через Львиные ворота, увидим золотые ворота, овечьи пруды, темницу Иисуса и место рождения Богородицы.

Пройдем по стопам Христа по Крестному пути, (Via Dolorosa). войдем в Храм гроба Господня, где желающие смогут освятить на камне миропомазания все что угодно.

Увидим место распятия — Голгофу, пещеру Адама и пещеру обретения истинного креста святой Еленой.

Зайдем в Кувуклию, где Иисус лежал 3 дня.

In the footsteps of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem

The purpose of this tour – to show you the ancient Jerusalem as it was in Jesus’ time. We will be helped by the Holy Bible, the works of the famous historian, and military leader Titus Flavius Josephus and other ancient sources.


It is possible to begin the tour at Augusta Victoria Hospital located on the Mount of Olives. We also can go up the tower and see from there the Jordan, the Judean Desert, the Moab Mountains.

Head over to the Russian Ascension Monastery also known as the Chapel of the Ascension.

There are also ruins of an ancient Byzantine church with mosaic dedicated to John the Baptist’s head – near the above Monastery

Mosque of the Ascension since the original church indicates the ascension of Jesus to heaven was converted into a mosque with the Muslim conquest. There we will touch the stone, from which Jesus ascended to heaven.

the Church of the Pater Noster, where according to Christian tradition Jesus taught his disciples the prayer of Our Father.

See the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives

We will visit the church of Dominus Flevit where Jesus Christ cried thinking about the fate of Jerusalem.

We will enter the Russian Church of Mary Magdalene, in which are kept the relics the holy martyrs,

We will visit the Gethsemane – a garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives as the place where Jesus prayed and his disciples slept the night before Jesus’ crucifixion. The Church of All Nations.

and we’ll visit Tomb of the virgin Mary

Then in the second part of the day we will go to the Old City through the Lion’s Gate, see the Golden Gate, the Pool of Bethesda, the dungeon of Jesus and the Nativity of Mary.

Walk in the footsteps of Christ on the Way of the Cross, we’ll enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where visitors will be able to sanctify objects on the stone of the anointing.

See the place of the crucifixion – Golgotha, Adam’s cave and the cave where was found the true cross by St. Helena.

Afterwards head over to the Empty Tomb, where Jesus laid for 3 days.


Duration – 8 hours

Toilets along the way

It is important to come up with drinking water, a hat and comfortable shoes for walking

You need modest clothing as we go to churches

Small money contributions to churches

It is very important to be careful of thieves is very common in this area

Entrance fee:

Mosque of the Ascension: 5 NIS per person

Church of the Pater Noster: 8 NIS per person

Augusta Victoria Hospital: 8 NIS per person

Pool of Bethesda: 8 NIS per person

Ancient Roman street NIS 8 per person

There are a lot of sites – we can choose together the preferences


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