Tsiribihina rivertrip (Advanture for the west coast )

Language English, French, Malagasy
Cost 800 EUR for tour/excursion
Capacity 1 person
Duration 1 week 1 day

This is the special advanture tour , to explore the nature and the culture ,

This Tour Can be star from Tananarivo (city ) following the west coast , You will see the local village around the National road N 7 and get contact with them , they are so friendly and will give you theirs happiness with hand up and nice smille . So when you get the Tsiribihina river , we start our real advantures , spend the quite place far from The revolution, and the city , We will camp on the sand with the tants , and we will put fire camp , we coock with our local coocking and you will test the fresh local foods (such as Fish , gambas, legumes, Vegetables...). The wild animals will seen around the side of the river such as (crocodiles, lemurs, birds, tortose, frog ....)

We spend 3 or 4 days on the river then we able to swim into the bleu natural pool in the forest ...!


This tour are for one week ( 7 days)

We accept all of country and from all of differantS people .


We leave tana the next day after your arrival, and go throu following the national road N7;and enjoy the high lind landscape,with it ricefield, the road is good and it takes only 3:30 hours, after one hour from Tananarive, we will stop at Ambatolampy village, this vilage is the one of the famouse one in My country, because they have their awon speciality for Methal work, they don't have any machine to do it but they can manage it only by hands .. we will take break there and visite what's they do, and keep diving to Antsirabe village (Means salty).

Over night at recomended hotel in Antsirabe .


After your morning break fast , we will take pouss-pousse, to visite the vilage, this vilage is the one of the tourist village, every thing can be find there, specialy the handcraft, local industry, see the precious stone of Madagascar, horn fabrication, and market ...!

Around 9 or 10, we leave Antsirabe village, and drive to Miandrivazo 220km, 5hours drive, one way we will enjoy the small village , and the hill landscape of the west . Miandrivazo is known as it Love story betwen the Prince from Tana marred with the queen from Menabe ragion .

Overnight at Recomended hotel (bascic hotel)

Day :3 -4-5 MIANDRIVAZO- TSIRIBIHINA River(3days)

We have to wake up early to join the river and our Canoe.

First day on the river, we will enjoy the nature of bemaraha, tipe of rocks limestone, and river birds such as heron,kingfisher, bee eater...also the wild crocodile .

The afternoon, we will stop at the cascad , let say it a bleu lagoon, natural swimin pool, that you can swim, there also water fall that ou can make natural massage .

We keep going to get out the gorge where we was, and build our camping on the riverbank, we build you, tants with matelas and blanchet (sleeping bag).

The segond days, we have our beakfast on the riverbank and keep pedling on Tsiribihina river, the landscap is very differant then the first day., but we can enjoy the Sakalava small village of the fisher man, and the farmar, break fo lunch and the afternoon we will enjoy the baobab tree and other animal such bats...!

Over night on the riverbank with thousend stars in the sky, we tourn one the fire camp and the local people will join us for the show, to saw you the local sing and how to dance it

You can do it with motorboat , when you are over 40 years old, there are more confortable .


Our third day on the river; is only transfet , 3 hours from our lat camp place; we share you lunch befor quit the boat, long the afternoon we will drive to Tsingy and it all off road, 3 to4 hours drive from the riverbank, we have to cross the river of Manambolo by ferrry befor getting the Hotel. Overnight at the recomended hotel .


After your early breakfast, we drive to big tsingy 17km from hotel , to visite this cathedral rock with amazing landscap, its hikking , 3 to 4 hours walk, pass the mouving bridge and enjoy the caves, and he animas such as lemurs as sifaka, brown lemurs...

We spend our journey there, and we have to take litle picnic for lunch (possible to enjoy the sun set at Small tsingy if you are okey ..

Overnight at the same hotel .


, we wake up early in he morning can pass to visite the small tsingy for 2 hours, and we cross the river Manambolo with the ferry and drive back at the same way to Morondava, it 200km on off road, we have to run because we have to enjoy the sun set at Baobab allee, there you can shoot a beutiful pictures .

Over night at the hotel recomended (bascic or midrang, luxury).

Morondava is the capital of region of Menabe, it seams as tourist village also , so everything can be possible to find there. There also you can take flight to Tananarive directly,we can ensure the booking if indeed .

There we can finish our Big west tour, but in Morondava are lots of think to visite, such as Kirindy forest(posible to see fossa the predator of lemurs, and othere speacies of lemurs too.

Possibble to drive back to tana also from Morondava but 12hours drive , thats can be 2 days next .

This is Advanture tour, so the surprise thing would be happen, that's why its advantures .


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