The Napoleon Route from Ligny to Waterloo (1815)

Language Dutch, English, French
Price 350 EUR for tour
Capacity Group of up to 5 people
Duration 8 hours

Fleurus-Ligny is the place of Napoleon's last victory (against Blücher's Prussians in the Battle of Ligny) on the 16th of June, two days before Waterloo. The Naveau mill served as observatory to the French. The defeated Prussian army will not retreat to the east (as could have been expected), but rather move to Wavre, from where it will march to Plancenoit in support to Wellington. Wellington and Blücher will meet in the late evening of the 18th at the Belle-Alliance farm.

The Quatre-Bras crossroad, held by the Prince of Orange and Wellington against Marshall Ney, was abandoned, and Wellington withdrew northwards on the 17th, to the defensive position of the Mont-Saint-Jean ridge, south of Waterloo and the Sonian forest.

At Vieux-Genappe, Napoleon set up his headquarters at the Caillou farmhouse. Then, direction Braine-l'Alleud where the Hougoumont and La Haie Sainte farms played an important role in the battle.

The Waterloo Battlefield, near Brussels in Belgium, was the site of the final battle of the Napoleonic Wars. The Battle of Waterloo saw the French forces led by Napoleon Bonaparte clash with the coalition of British, Belgian, Dutch and German soldiers led by the Duke of Wellington and Prussian forces under the command of Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.

Napoleon's strategy was to capture Brussels and separate the armies of Wellington and Blücher, with the aim of prompting each to retreat. However, despite defeating the Prussians on 16th June at the Battle of Ligny, he was unable to force them to retreat entirely, meaning they were still free to support Wellington's force. Needing a decisive victory to prevent an invasion of France, Napoleon decided to attack. The two sides met at Waterloo Battlefield on the morning of 18 June 1815.

Full Day Tour

The Tour will lead us from Dinant subsequently to the

Battle of Ligny - Napoleon's last victory, against Blücher (Napoleon Museum) - 16 June 1815 (Ferme d'En-Haut & Napoleon Museum)

Battle of Quatre-Bras (farm on crossroad) - 16 June 1815

Ferme du Caillou (farm / museum / Napleon's last headquarters) - night of 17 June 1815


Ferme de la Belle-Alliance

Ferme de la Haye-Sainte

Ferme de la Papelotte

Memorial 1815 - Lion's Hamlet: visit the (new) Memorial itself (interpretation center) incl. impressive "4D" movie, the Panorama, the Lion's Mound and the Ferme de Hougoumont (farm)

Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean

Waterloo (museum / Wellington's headquarters)

Return to Dinant


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