Main attractions of Armenia for 5 days

Language English, Russian
Cost 380 USD for tour/excursion
Capacity Group of more than 10 people
Duration 5 days

Why to visit Armenia? Armenia is a first country in the world that accepted Christianity as state religion. Every monastery and church here is a quite whiteness of history and keeper of its secrets. One man told me, that without church, there won’t be Armenians. And I agree with him, because Armenian Church gave education, protection during wars and healed spiritual pain of people. Once Armenians settle somewhere, they immediately start to build a church. That is why Armenia is a country of thousand ancient monasteries, and every monastery amazes with its majesty and beauty!

Besides, there is breathtaking nature here in Armenia which combines beautiful mountains, fast rivers, green forests, deep caves and amazing waterfalls! Food lovers will not stay unsatisfied with delicious food cooked by recipes that were saved through centuries! And families keep secrets of local wine and brandy production passing them from fathers to sons. Here in Armenia you will meet a lot of amazing people and what does real Caucasian hospitality mean! So be prepared for noisy tableful, long friendly conversations and a lot of new friends that you will find in this small and cozy country 🙂


Day 1. Tour to Armenia starts from its capital! Yerevan excursion and visiting of Noah or Ararat Brandy Factory

– When you arrive to Yerevan, we will bring you to the hotel and start our walking around capital of Armenia! Modern Yerevan is a nice city with a lot of parks, fountains and good restaurants with delicious food 🙂 depending on how much time we have, we will try to visit as many places as possible! We will go to Armenian genocide Museum to feel pain and sorrow of Armenian nation. After that we will go to Iranian Blue Mosque – the piece of ancient Persia in the center of Armenia. If possible, we will walk around the city, visit Cascade and if still have time – we will visit a pottery workshop, where we’ll learn more about this craft from real pottery master!

– After walking around the city – it’s time to learn more about traditional Armenian Brandy production! Armenian Brandy is a proud of Armenians and part of their culture. Now there are 2 leading brandy factories in Armenia – Noah and Ararat. In the beginning they were one factory, but after Soviet time Armenia had very difficult situation with economics and factory was divided for 2 parts. French investors have bought a new building with equipment and a brand name Ararat. By the way, from that time a lot of Armenians don’t accept Ararat as real Armenian Brandy. Several years later Armenian businessman has purchased an old historical building where Armenian Brandy was born years ago! Both factories are interesting and we will visit the factory that you will choose before the tour. Of course, it will be tasting visit ;-)

– Later we will visit some nice Armenian restaurant to taste delicious Armenian food, and after dinner we will have a walking to enjoy night views of Yerevan.

Day 2. “Symphony of stones” near Garni pagan temple, cave monastery Geghard and Echmiadzin Cathedral – spiritual center of Armenian Christianity.

– This day we will start from Echmiadzin Monastery. It is a sacred place for all Armenians, and even those of them who were born abroad and never visited Armenia, know about Echmiadzin! In our tour we will visit a lot of monasteries and churches, but you will never see such beautiful interior decorations all over Armenia like they are in Echmiadzin! Also we will visit the treasury of Echmiadzin! Here there is a main Christian treasure of Armenia – the spearhead that Jesus Christ was wonded with while on the cross.

– Garni Temple is a n attraction that will bring you somewhere to Ancient Greece or Roman Empire. Garni is a temple of Mitra, god of sun, and it’s architecture is very cimilar to what you can see in today’s Greece. Also, it is the only pagan temple around all CIS countries that was not destroyed, that makes him even more unique attraction!

– After Garni we will visit abouther unique attraction made by nature – “Basalt Symphony” or “Stone Symphony”. This is a breathtaking place! Basalt sticks of this rock make it look like huge Catholic organ! And you really feel that this organ can become alive and sing its thunder symphony!

– Geghard Monastery is another interesting attraction of Armenia! Rooms of Geghard Monastery are made inside of the rock! Ancient Geghard monks did a great job for us to have opportunity to admire the beauty of this unique place. Geghard Monastery has amazing acoustic and hope we can hear the singing of Geghard chorus if we will be lucky enough! Then we go back to Yerevan.

Day 3. Sevan lake – Armenian Sea, Noratus khachkar cemetry and the best view for Ararat Mountain from Khor Virap Monastery!

– Khor Virap Monastery is a place you will see many times when in Armenia as is is pictured in a lot of brochures and postcards! Khor Virap is located in very beautiful area and this is the place where you can watch unbelievable view to Ararat Mountain – a sacred place for all Armenians of the world! Archeologists and historians say that Ararat Mountain is the place where Noah’s Arc landed after The Great Float.

– Lunch near Sevan Lake (or Armenian Sea). Armenians prefer to eat a lot of meat, fruits, vegetables and milk products. But those who live in Sevan area has a lot of fish and cancer dishes in their cuisine. And this is the only place in Armenia where you can taste most fresh sigfish dishes and legendary kebab of cancer meat!

– After lunch we will explore Sevanavank Monastery of IX century. We will learn an interesting story about khachkars of Mongolian Period in Armenia and admire the most beautiful view of Sevan Lake.

– Noratus cemetery is another unique place of Armenia that is also called Cemetry of Khachkars. During many wars with Turks, Persians and Mongols many of such cemetries were ruined, so Noratus is the only saved ancient cemetry. Here you will find some khachkars that are more than 1000 years old! Here you will aslo see another Armenian burial tradition when people make pictures describing character, profession and other parts of buried man life.

Day 4. UNESCO heritage day: The trasures of Northern Armenia – Haghpat, Sanahin & Akhtala Monasteries

– Today we will visit a treasury of Armenian North – Alaverdi city. Here we will explore UNESCO gems of Armenia – Haghpat, Akhtala and Sanahin monasteries! All of them are unique and incredibly beautiful!

– Today we will meet a very interesting person – a khachkar master. During this trip you will learn a lot about khachkar craft, so it’s time to learn how real masters do their beautiful masterpieces! We will visit a workshop to see this work from inside and listen to the story of a person who loves his craft with all his heart! On the way back to Yerevan we will visit a Monument to Armenian Alphabet.

Day 5. Good bye Armenia! Hope to meet you again one day!

– Today is the last day of our tour in small and hospitable Armenia! Depending of your departure time we will visit Vernissage – the market of traditional crafts or food market of Yerevan to buy gifts or Armenian delicacies for your relatives and friends. So be ready for long goodbyes, strong hugs, laughing, tears and promises that we will meet each other again in Armenia, in your country or somewhere else in the world ;-)


- Group airport transfers on arrival and departure

- Transport on tour

- Accommodation in hostels or 3* and 4*-5* hotels accommodation in twin-rooms by your option

- Food: Daily breakfasts.

- Entry fees to attractions, sightseeings and entertainments

- Photos and movie about your adventures in Armenia

- Russian / English speaking guide. If your group needs translation to another language – please, mention it when booking.


- Airfare: Your city – Yerevan – Your city

Interpreter to another language (if not Russian/English). If your group needs for translation in your language, please, mention about it when booking.

- Travel medical insurance (if necessary)

- Visa fees

- Lunches and dinners that are not mentioned above and alcohol (10$ per day, 15$ with alcohol)

- Souvenirs, tips and other personal expenses

Optional entertainments that are not included in program.

- Individual transfers during free time

- Additional payment for single accomodation


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