Beijing to Tianjin downtown one day tour by highspeed train private tour

Language English
Price 132,00 USD for excursion
Capacity Group of up to 10 people
Duration 9 hours

Highlights: Former concessions + Jiefang North Road Financial Street + Italian Style Town + Five Grand Avenue + Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street + Jing Garden

Theme: exotic architecture in China, visit the former residence of the historical celebrities in Chinese modern history

Destination description:

Tianjin is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government, the third biggest city in China. It is the birthplace of modern industry of China. Nine countries opened concessions once. The Five Avenue area is dubbed as World Architecture Exhibition. The city was built in 1404. It has grown from the water transport of grain to the capital, Beijing. In 1860, Tianjin was opened as a foreign trading port. Since then, many western countries established concessions in Tianjin. Tianjin became the earliest open city in north China and the base of Westernization Movement in modern China. The military modernization started from Tianjin as well as the construction on railway, telegram, telephone, post service, mining, modern education and judicature. Tianjin became the second biggest industrial and commercial city in China at that time and the biggest Financial and trade center in north China. Its past gives the city special city scape combined with western and Chinese elements, ancient and modern features.

Tianjin city center is 120km (72 miles) from the city center of Beijing. The transportation has become very convenient since the bullet train from Beijing to Tianjin was opened to traffic in 2008. There are 79 trains from Beijing to Tianjin. Each trip only takes 33 minutes! If you have more than 4 days in Beijing. It's worth a visit absolutely.

On the tour, you will see the mother river of Tianjin, Haihe River, the old financial street, the commercial area and living quaters developed from the old concessions, the Aster Hotel ---- the only hotel under state level protection as the witness of modern Chinese history, former residences of many historical celebrities in Five-avenue Area, such as the last emperor Puyi, the old shopping street. You can try the local snack, Goubuli stuffed buns, Erduoyan fried rice cake, 18 Street fried dough twist and appreciate the local handicrafts like Yangliuqing New Year Pictures, clay sculpture by Clay Figurine Zhang, etc. It's a relaxing and rich tour.


7:00 start from your hotel and go to Beijing South Railway Station

8:00 ----- 8:30 go to Tianjin Railway Station by high speed train ( half-an-hour trip)

8:30 ----- 16:30 visit the following 8 places in order.

1. Liberation Bridge, Jinwan Plaza, North Jiefang Road Financial Street, the Astor Hotel.

2. Tianjin Italian Style Town, Marco Polo Plaza

You will visit the above places by pedicabs. two share one, about 2 hours, These places are located in 5 former concessions. It's hard to walk around the large area. If we travel by car, there are traffic rules, many narrow streets are one-way streets and car runs too fast. Traveling by pedicab is very flexible and can save your energy.

3. Heping Road and Binjiang Avenue Commercial Pedestrian Street

4. Five-Avenue Area, Porcelain House

5. Jingyuan Garden / Garden of Serenity

6. Tianjin Acient Cultural Street

7. Tianjin's Eye, Haihe River sightseeing

16:30 ---- 17:00 Return to Beijing by tain

17:30 get back to hotel

​Price: 132USD

Inclusion: guide service charge and photography service only. (camera model: Fujing Film XT 10)


1. Entrance tickets: 20CNY/pax (Jing garden)

2. Pedicab service around Italian Style Town (1 hour)and North Jiefang Road Financial Street (1 hour): 180 CNY/ pax

3. Your train tickets: return train tickets from Beijing to Tianjin: 110CNY/pax

4. My allowance: return train tickets from Beijing to Tianjin (110CNY)will be paid by you.

5. lunch: 60CNY/pax, my lunch will be paid by you.

6. transportation in Tianjin:

1---3 pax: use taxi, 100CNY max in total

3--5 pax: use private car for 4 hours, 500CNY, car type: Buick GL8, 7-seaters

For more people: ask me by message

Payment methods:

1. My service charge, allowance and private car service charge can be paid to me when the tour is over.

2. Entrance tickets, pedicab service charge,, lunch will be paid on the tour accordingly.

3. Food and restaurant will be recommended to you by your preference and budget. You can order dishes and pay by yourselves. Lunch in an ordinary restaurant costs about 60CNY/person. My lunch will be paid by you. If you have special request, please let me know.

4. The itinerary is flexible. You can change, adjust or skip any activity as you like within duration on the tour.

Deposit: not requested

Cancellation: You need inform me 3 days ahead of the first tour date so that I can arrange my time for other works.

How to book the tour and my service or inquire for more details? Email me.

My Email address: [email protected]


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