Mutianyu Great Wall & the Ming Tombs Beijing private tour

Language English
Price 132,00 USD for excursion
Capacity Group of up to 10 people
Duration 9 hours

Highlight: Mutianyu Great Wall + the Ming Tombs

Destination description:

Mutianyu is a section of the Great Wall located in Huairou County, 77 km northeast to the Tiananmen Square. The Mutianyu Great Wall is connected with Jiankou in the west and Lianhuachi in the east, used as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial tombs.

The Ming Tombs is the royal cemetery of the Ming Dynasty (1368---1644) of China. Located in the north of Beijing, about 50 kilometers away from the Tiananmen square. With a total area of 120 square kilometers, the Ming Tombs is the largest royal cemetery in the world with the largest number of emperors and empresses buried.

There are 13 emperors, 23 empresses buried there in total together with 2 crown princes, 1 eunuch and more than 30 concubines and court maids buried with the emperors.

The Ming Tombs has a quiet and secluded natural environment, large-scale constructions and imposing tomb buildings, complete sacrificial facilities, unique tomb construction and style. It is a masterpiece of Chinese architectural art and the highest representative of the tomb planning and construction in the Ming Dynasty, showing Chinese traditional culture. The Tombs historical relics records the culture, art, science and technology developments and the rise and fall of the Ming Dynasty from another perspective.

There are 3 emperors' tombs open to the public of which we will visit the Emperor Wanli's Tomb, Dingling. It is the only royal tomb excavated by the Archaeological department of Chinese government. The funerary objects are preserved well.

Through the tomb's layout and specifications, building’s decorative art and functions, the underground palace, emperor / empress' funerary objects and the tomb owners' life, you can learn about the strict feudal hierarchy in ancient China, royal life, burial system and Chinese viewpoints of life and death.

You can also learn about the improved and strict tomb sacrificial system and understand Chinese customs of worshipping ancestors, sacrificial functions and its significance for the transformation of the living.

The Ming Tombs is a representative work of Yang Gong Fengshui in Sanliao. The site selection was given a great deal of attention. The Chinese Emperor tried very hard to find a successor of Yanggong Fengshui. It took three years to choose this Eternal Long Life World.

It is surrounded by mountains covered with dense vegetations. In the center is a small open basin with an area of 40 square kilometers. Rivers and streams converge in the center of the basin and wind towards the east. Each tomb was built with a hill behind and rivers before. The geographical environment is spectacular, quiet and secluded.

By observing the main range, main mountain and massifs, guard hills, grave, mountains near and far from the grave, rivers, open spaces in front of the tomb, and tomb direction, you can learn about Chinese Fengshui culture and the impact of Fengshui on our real life.


7:30 pick up at hotel

7:30 ---- 9:00 leave to the Mutianyu Great Wall.

9:00 ----- 11:30 visit the Great Wall.

11:30 ---- 12:30 leave to the Ming Tombs

12:30 ----- 13:30 lunch break.

13:30 ---- 15:30 visit one of the thirteen emperors' tombs, Dingling Museum.

15:30 ---- 17:00 return to the city center.

17:00 get back to hotel.

Price: 132USD

Inclusion: guide service charge and photography service only. (Camera model: Fujing Film XT 10)


Entrance tickets:

Mutianyu Great Wall: 150CNY/pax (an entrance ticket, a round trip cable car ticket and a round trip shuttle bus ticket)

Dingling Museum: 65CNY/pax

Lunch: 60CNY/pax

Transportation: use private car

1--3 pax, 5 seater car price: 1000CNY (Passat/Camty)

3---5 pax, 7-seater car price: 1300CNY (Buick GL8)

For more people: ask me by message

Payment methods:

1. My service charge and special car service charge can be paid when the tour is over on the last day.

2. Entrance tickets, public transportation fees, lunch will be paid on the tour. There is no charge for my entrance tickets.

3. Food and restaurant will be recommended to you by your preference and budget. You can order dishes and pay by yourselves. Lunch in an ordinary restaurant costs about 60CNY/person. My lunch will be paid by you. If you have special request, please let me know.

4. The itinerary is flexible. You can change, adjust or skip any activity as you like within duration on the tour.

Deposit: not requested

Cancellation: You need inform me 3 days ahead of the first tour date so that I can arrange my time for other works.

How to book the tour and my service or inquire for more details? Email me.

My Email address: [email protected]


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