Tiananmen Square & the Forbidden City & the Summer Palace private tour

Language English
Price 132,00 USD for excursion
Capacity Group of up to 10 people
Duration 13 hours

Highlight : Tiananmen Square+ Forbidden City + Summer Palace + Legend of Kungfu

Theme: royal culture

Destination description:

Beijing is distinguished from other cities by its imperial culture. This tour has a classic route for it. It involves two famous world cultural heritages ----- the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, the places where ancient Chinese emperors worked and lived. The splendid collections inside are also sparkles on the tour. As the symbol of new China, the Tian’anmen Gate is a holy place. So in the morning, go there to see the Tian’anmen Square and take a souvenir photo with the gate. To make the tour more relaxing, an easy activity is arranged ------ tea art ceremony. Leave a chance to the tea hostess to perform for your trip. At the end, you can entertain your eyes, ears and legs in a theater to watch a traditional art performance, Shaolin Kongfu or acrobatics.

The Tian'anmen Square is the politic center of China, and have a souvenir photo with the symbol of the new China ----- Tian’anmen Gate. You will learn about the brief introduction of Beijig, the function, history, significance of the buildings around Tiananmen Square, the political system of China, flag raising and lowering ceremony, security around Tian'anmen Square, etc.

The Forbidden City is the largest and best-preserved imperial palace and the largest museum of China. Once 24 emperors lived and worked there. On the tour you will learn about the function, layout, history, ornaments, decorations, significance of the buildings in the Forbidden City, court ornamental art, symbolism, folk belief, court etiquette, Fengshui theory (environmental sychology), Five-elements theory, etc.

The Summer Palace is one of the royal gardens in Qing dynasty. There we will have a walk along the lake shore, long corridore and take a dragon boat across the Kunming Lake. On the isle, take a picture with your families under the old willow tree by the lake. The blue sky, white cloud, hills in the distance, clear ripples, bridge, breeze and laughter will be immortal memory in your life.There you will learn about the history, function, layout, significance of the buildings in the Summer Palace, the Chinese classical gardening art, Chinese classical literature, folk belief, imperial kitchen, imperial theater, Beijing opera art, etc.


8:00 start from hotel

8:30 ---- 12:00 Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City walking distance: 3km 3.5 hours

12:40 ---- 14:00 Lunch break

14:30 ---- 16:00 visit the Summer Palace walking distance: 1.8km 2 hours

17:00 ---- 18:00 Watch a tea ceremony and have a break in Runqiyuan Tea House, Taste 5 kinds of Chinese tea, learn about tea functions, making methods, drinking etiquette and tea set appreciation.

19:30 ---- 20:40 Watch a show, Legend of Kongfu, at the Red theatre. The show blends traditional and modern performing art. It will feast your eyes.

21:00 Get back to hotel

Price: 132USD

Inclusion: guide service and photography service only. (Camera model: Fujing Film XT 10)


Entrance ticket:

the Forbidden City: 60CNY/person

Summer Palace: 30CNY/person

Tea ceremony: 50CNY/person

Kungfu show ticket options: 200/280/380/480CNY

Transportation methods:

option 1: bus + subway estimated cost: 250CNY max. paid on the tour by yourselves accordingly

option 2: special car

1---3 pax: 5 seater car, price: 550CNY, car type: Passat/ Camry

3---5 pax: 7-seater car, price: 750CNY car type: Buick GL8

For more people: ask me by message

Payment methods:

1. My service charge and special car service charge can be paid when the tour is over on the last day.

2. Entrance tickets, public transportation fees, lunch, show tickets will be paid on the tour. There is no charge for my entrance tickets.

3. Food and restaurant will be recommended to you by your preference and budget. You can order dishes and pay by yourselves. Lunch in an ordinary restaurant costs about 60CNY/person. My lunch will be paid by you. If you have special request, please let me know.

4. Show tickets need to be booked in advance. I'll send you the seat chart of the theater to choose the seat. Deposit is not needed for tickets booking.

5. The itinerary is flexible. You can change, adjust or skip any activity as you like within duration on the tour.

Deposit: not requested

Cancellation: You need inform me 3 days ahead of the first tour date so that I can arrange my time for other works.

How to book the tour and my service or inquire for more details? Email me.

My Email address: [email protected]


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