Accra's History Tour

Language English
Price 450 GHS for tour
Capacity Group of up to 10 people

Ghana is a country with a very complex history. There is a lot of diversity in this country. There is a vintage look to it. This country has been through a lot of pain and scrutiny and looking at it now gives a very unique feeling in context of its pain and suffering. But at the same time this country is vibrant and full of scenic beauty and it will surely give you the peace that you are in search for.

We are going to bring to you a tour that will let you have an insight to this place.

Tour Highlights

Let me tell you what the main areas of this itinerary are for you to visit:

Cape Coast - a city and a fishing port

Elmina- one of the prominent cities of Ghana

Black Star Square

Ceremonial Grounds

Independence Square

Freedom and Justice Arch

Detailed Tour Itinerary

Our first stop is Black Star Square. It contains monuments of Ghana's Independence struggle. These monuments light up after sunset and exhibit an excellent lights and LED show.

We will also see the Independence Square, a part of the Black Star Square.

Next we will head off to the Ceremonial Grounds. These are open air ceremonial grounds and a must see place in Accra.

Next, we move on to Freedom and Justice Arch. This was built to honor the independence of Ghana. It has "Freedom and Justice" inscribed in bold, which happens to be the motto of the country.

After this, we head off to see the parliament house of Ghana. We will also see the International Conference Center in Accra, the only international building.

We will continue our tour as we visit the President's house. We will also see the British settlements.

We will head of to Mormons Church. This was the second temple to be built in Africa. This is an elegant building and worth a visit.

We will then arrive at the DuBois Center for Pan African Studies.. This center is a study center for arts, culture and history. It also contains the graves of Dr. DuBois and his wife.

We will then drive towards the Gold Coast, where the Coast castle is situated.

This castle has a very unique history. This castle was originally built for trading purposes until it was converted into a slave castle by European traders. This castle was later rebuilt by the British in the 18th century. This site was also rebuilt again in the 20th century by the Ghanaian government. This is also known as Castle and Dungeon.

Also, in the castle's end which faces the Atlantic Ocean is the Gate of no return. This is the last stop of the castle.

The Elmina castle was erected by the Portuguese in 1482. Slowly and gradually, this castle started to wear off due to natural reasons and the Ghana Government took the task of its renovation in 1990s. Renovation is still under process. You can anyways enter the castle and have a look at the Portuguese architecture techniques and civil engineering.

We will also visit the splendid beaches of Ghana in the end. You will end your day safari relaxing at the beach looking at the endless water body that is in front of you.

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