1 Day Shaman Tour Including Lunch

Language English
Cost 431.937 MNT for tour/excursion
Capacity Any number of people
Duration 1 day

Mongolian shamanism is an all-encompassing system of belief that includes medicine, religion, a cult of nature, and a cult of ancestor worship. In 13th century, the leading shaman declared Genghis Khan the representative of Mongke Koko Tengri (the "Eternal Blue Sky"), the supreme god of the Mongols. With this declaration of divine status, it was accepted that his destiny was to rule the world. Religious tolerance was practiced in the Mongol Empire; however, to defy the Great Khan was equivalent of defying the will of God. Central to the system were the activities of male and female intercessors between the human world and the spirit world, Shamans (böö) and Shamanesses (udgan). Yet, they were not the only ones who could communicate with the spirit world. Nobles and clan leaders also performed spiritual functions and so did commoners. The hierarchy of Mongolian clan-based society was reflected in the manner of worship.

Mongolian and southern Siberian shamanism were originally developed by Stone Age hunters and Bronze Age herdsmen and later evolved into the psyche of the Mongols today. The steppe dwelling peoples of Eurasia worship Eternal Heaven (Munkh Tenger) above and Mother Earth (Etugan) below as well as the ancestral and natural spirits. The cosmology of Mongolian shamanism and its eight customary rituals are based on the concept that there are many invisible worlds in addition to the visible one. The shaman interacts with many other worlds or universes, and that interaction with spirits is an important part of shamans’ work. Each day, month, and year, shamans constantly perform their work with poetic invocations, musics, dances, and creative arts. A shaman is an intermediary between this world and the spirit world. They act on behalf of the community conducting ceremonial rituals, healing the people, and helping to guide others on the shamanic path. A shaman’s life belongs to the village and it is their responsibility to ensure the well being of the family, the community, and all of creation. In this way the shaman helps to maintain balance and harmony on both a personal and planetary level.

In the morning at 10am, you will embark for the tour to Shaman. This trip allows you to visit a wide assortments of interesting and divine experiences in your life. He or she will answer all the questions you have ever been wondered and puzzled. It is important for you to open up yourself fully and to express yourself freely. It is also important to follow your tour guide's advice on how to handle your questions throughout the event. The activity should be completed by late afternoon or early evening depending on your questions and your requests. You will be transferred back to your hotel where this tour concludes.


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