Ksenia Belous is a tour guide in Saint Petersburg

Ksenia Belous, 34 years

(one of several guides recommended by American Fodor’s Guide Book for Saint-Petersburg tours)

About myself

I studied foreign languages at the Linguistic Department of St.-Petersburg Humanitarian University and then the history of fine arts in The Fine Arts Academy of St.-Petersburg. My granny is a painter and as a child I was often brought to different art museums and exhibitions. I got my love for this sphere from the childhood and had been never disappointed.

I may say I am a patriot. What I love about my country is its diversity. So many beautiful parts which we can visit and be really proud that it is all Russia.

I want to share my pride for the country which went through so many difficulties but still remains a great land with very understanding and kind people.

I was born in the Soviet Union and the things now are very different from the time when I was growing up. The country went through the dramatic changes. I was born in Leningrad in 1980-s when there was a shortage of many goods and not so many families could afford to have more than one or two children. But we had our happy childhood, we were brought to the Black Sea in the summer and enjoyed skiing and skating in the winter, visited puppy theatres and ate the best Leningrad ice-cream. I was in the fifth grade when the Soviet Union collapsed and I remember we were given a task to think about our future professions in the new country. I decided that more foreigners would come to visit St.-Petersburg with the borders opened and I would love to work with them as a guide. It was my choice 20 years ago and it happened. Learning languages and fine art history helped me to assure myself that it is a right choice.

My working experience

I have been working as a tour guide for more than 10 years. I started my working career as St.-Petersburg licensed guide. About 5 years ago I started bringing foreign tourists to Moscow, Novgorod, Vladimir and Pskov. Out of the main touristic season I bring Russians to different European countries: Finland, Scandinavian countries, Poland, the Baltic States, Germany, countries of Benelux, France, Spain and Italy.

Except for the touristic sphere I give lectures in our Fine Art Academy on the history of French architecture (as I am finishing my thesis on Reconstruction of Paris of the 2nd half of the XIX century). Couple of times I was invited to Sorbonne University to participate in different conferences.

Languages English, Russian
Currencies Euro (EUR), Russian ruble (RUB)



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