Jegor Modrić is a tour guide in Zagreb

Jegor, was born in the City of Zagreb in 1984. After getting a MA in Sociology, Jegor started working as a part-time tour guide in Croatia and abroad. It was pretty much a love at first sight and after three years working as a tour guide Jegor got his licence to be a local guide in Zagreb.

Education: MA in Sociology

Languages: English

Guide since: 2011

Jegor’s favorite:

Restaurant in Zagreb is Ribice i tri točkice because of their beautiful Mediterranean cuisine. Freshly caught fish or seafood from the Adriatic Sea in the centre of Zagreb. Their Rožata cake is ”an absolute must” for those with a little bit of a sweet tooth. The restaurant is located right across Nikola Tesla monument in Tesla street on the first floor.

Museum in Zagreb is Nikola Tesla Technical Museum and Ivan Meštrović gallery. Nikola Tesla Techical museum follows in the tradition of the great science and technology museums of the world. If you want to meet science in a fun way, that is the place to visit. When asked who would be his legitimate succesor, Rodin said thet there is only one, Ivan Meštrović. Croatian greatest sculptor with more than 10 sculptures just in Zagreb, had his family residence just around the corner from St. Marks Church in Metodska street. His most famous works and legacy are known around Croatia (Gregory of Nin in Split, Varaždin and Nin, The Spring of Life and Nikola Tesla in Zagreb…) and worldwide (The Bowman and The Spearman in Chicago, Victor monument in Belgrade…).

Croatian product is Plavac Mali wine. Plavac Mali, a cross between ancestral Zinfandel (known locally in Croatian as Crljenak Kaštelanski) and Dobričić grapes, is the primary red wine grape grown along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Plavac' means blue and 'mali' means small, which is very descriptive of the grapes. It produces very powerful reds high in alcohol (typically 12% but up to 17%), high in tannins with rich flavours of dark fruits, pepper and spice. Is there a better way to finsh the day than with a glass of exuisite wine?

Thing to do in Zagreb is have a cup of coffee with friends in one of the local bars in city centre. We are addicts for coffee in Croatia. On average we have three per day. Having a cup of coffee is a social event that can last, and last. We take our time with coffee, and enjoy company of our friends.

Languages English
Currencies United States dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Croatian kuna (HRK)



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