Sarah-Kate Redding is a tour guide in Valencia

American born, I was brought up traveling a lot when I was young due to my parents' work, and was fortunate enough to have become bilingual in Spanish and English at a young age. Even at age 10, I found myself in the front of a van helping my mother with her work, as we described the landscape and translated together. Being a guide is like a family legacy!

I went to the demanding Bates College, in Maine back in the US and in college I continued travelling on great programs and studied in Ireland, Germany and China and picked up a couple of other languages. 5 days after I graduated, I came to Spain, to Madrid first, to teach English. I thought I would stay for a few months… But that was in 1999. I really and truly did fall in love with the city of Valencia itself, BEFORE I fell in love with my Valenciano husband.

I have worked as a tour guide throughout Spain and France through a very high-end educational tour company, with both adults and teens for the last 10 years. So I really do enjoy all ages and family groups as well. I have 3 small trilingual children myself now, so naturally am trying to not go on the road as much.

Although I was not born here, I have a passion and a knowledge about this country and the city that I live, that not every native born has- they may just take it for granted. I get so passionate and excited about being on the very grounds of where the Romans were 2000 years ago, especially considering that I come from a country with a very young written history. On every street corner, there is something I could just stop to marvel at, and I think that is why I still love living here.

Top 4 reasons to choose me:

1. You get the best of both worlds: Perfectly bilingual contact, so no heavily- accented English or cultural misunderstandings, pre-tour or during your tour, but also perfectly local Spanish to help you understand the customs, places, and sites to help you not just see Valencia, but meet Valencia and understand Spain. I instinctively know the questions you will ask and what you find curious, because I still find our cultural differences fascinating myself.

2. Total commitment to quality control and the customer service that you expect, that only a seasoned international can provide. My commitment to answering any inquiries within 24 hours, providing my detailed itinerary, communicating to you any change that could possibly occur and helping you with any general inquiries about Spain pre-tour, during our time together, and post-tour contact, allow you the relaxation that there will be no surprises on your special stay here.

3. Just say NO to boredom! No matter which tour or itinerary you choose, no one does the passion of Spain, its history, beauty and chaos better! I commit to my guests to not only give them an understanding of Valencia or the small town we are visiting, but how each place fits in the overall time-line of Spanish history, Europe and the world, so that you understand its relevance. I understand that most non-Spanish nationals know what the 'War of Succession' is for example. But I know that 1492 rings a bell. No matter your age, your brain will be engaged to its utmost and I commit to leave you with intriguing food for thought, so that you go home really having been affected by your experience here.

4. You will go home with a true Spanish friend. I am still in contact with many of my guests from years ago and love when a once young teenager who toured with me wants to meet me for café because she's studying her junior year abroad here- it makes my week! I am happy to give you suggestions for any other part of Spain, since I do 10 day long itineraries as well all over this country, France and Portugal. With me, you will always have a connection here in Spain.

Languages Catalan, English, French, Spanish
Currencies United States dollar (USD), Euro (EUR)



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