Roaming China is a private tour guide in China

The difference between my personal tour guide and other colleagues is that I am familiar with all the famous scenery and areas in China, so I can take you to any scenic spot and city in China. In addition to the basic scenic spots and explanations, you can also arrange your transportation , accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping,and follow the 24-hour service. I don't accept a one-day excursion, only accepting more than three days of travel.

China is a country with a history of 5,000 years of civilization and a vast and beautiful. It is the cradle of oriental civilization and has a rich tourism. China has 53 World Heritage Sites and more than 30,000 scenic spots, including 259 of the highest and most famous 5A scenic spots in China, So even if you just want to visit the world heritage sites and famous scenic spots in China, it will take a year. So when you travel long distances to this ancient country, I suggest you make a long-term trip so that you can fully enjoy this beautiful country.

Social security here is very good, you don't have to worry about security. However, there are a few points you need to pay attention to:

1.Chinese mainland hotels need to have a certificate of honor for receiving foreigners, and most hotels are unable to receive foreigners;

2.China Network Control, Facebook、Instagram、Twitter、WhatsApp Messenger、 Facebook Messenger、 LINE、 Kakaotalk cannot be used normally in mainland China;

3.International credit cards are not universal in mainland China;

4.Foreigners entering the Tibet of China must apply for a “Tibet Travel Permit”, and must be accompanied by a tour group;

5. China's Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen English penetration rates are OK, but in other cities and regions, it is difficult to find a person who is proficient in foreign languages.

6. If you are considering signing up for a tour group, it is frankly difficult to have a perfect travel experience. Because the time of the tour group is tight, Will nonstop to drive you to the next attraction,It is difficult to have time to carefully appreciate the beautiful scenery. Moreover, the tour group often only visits half or even less of the main attractions. The time saved will take you to the self-funded spots. If you don't go to the scenic spots, you will be thrown into the wilderness and wait for the tour group to return.The tour group also has widespread problems with forced shopping, poor dining and accommodation. Due to the imperfect tourism management in mainland China, the tour group is cheap, but there are many hidden consumptions, and it is basically compulsory consumption. I said these questions some of my personal experience, some I have seen it with my own eyes, If you have the opportunity, I can tell you about the specific situation.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you find a dedicated Chinese private tour guide. It is much more comfortable to hire a private tour guide.

You can privately consult me about China. I have my own travel recommendation template. I will also send you an electronic photo gallery of my own China-selected scenic spots. You can also consult freely customized tours. Please feel free to consult me, regardless of whether or not you have the opportunity to cooperate, I really like to make friends with friends all over the world.

Languages Chinese, English, Russian
Currencies United States dollar (USD)


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