The Little “Amsterdam” of Albania, the beautiful city of Shkoder.

Sprache Albanian, Englisch, Griechisch
Kosten 260 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 5 Personen
Dauer 9 Stunden

During this day trip we will visit the largest northern city of Shkoder. Surrounded by the water, sea, lake and rivers, full of history, culture, tradition and hospitality people, right in the vicinity of the Albanian Alps, Shkodra has a lot to offer to the visitors. Shkodër was founded under the name Scodra upon the traditional lands of the Illyrian tribes of the Ardianet and Labeatet in the 4th century BC.

Rozafa Castle, The Leaden Mosque, The Great Cathedral, Mesi Bridge, are among the places and sites to be explored during our day trip. We may hire a bicycle and do as the locals do, explore the city by bike. We may enjoy one of the most unique local way of cooking the fish of the lake, the so called “Tava e Krapit “.

The Lagoon of Patok situated in the central coast of Albania, will be our “stretching legs” time on the way back home.


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