*CAMEROON CULTURAL TOUR“Architecture, traditions, culture and ecotourism”

Sprache Englisch, Französisch
Kosten 2350 EUR für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe größer als 10 Personen

Most tourists arrive Douala or Yaoundé Airports, the biggest in the country, then take a walk in the Equatorial forest in the south of Cameroon, where they will discover endless landscape and adventure. Here, gorillas and chimpanzees live together with pygmies, who are considered as the oldest inhabitants of Cameroon. The Bakas pygmies, who are born musicians, live in the big equatorial forest. Enter the world of these ‘small’ men, who will dance the ritual Buma dance describing their lives with the animals in the forest. You may also take part in their village chores.

The west and North West regions are the leading areas of cultural tourism in Cameroon. They are known for their palaces especially the Bandjoun, Bafut, Ndop, Fungom and Bafoussam. A visit to these chiefdoms will be an occasion to discover palaces, huts and the Bamiléké art and craft. Foumban, the capital of the Bamoun sultanate, is the centre of Cameroon traditions. For lovers of culture, this town is a gold mine with its palace, its museum of art and traditions, its crafts and its markets.


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