Casentino-walking off the beaten paths

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The original and authentic Tuscany still exists today! You can find it in the Casentino valley.

It's part of Arezzo’s province, which is situated between Siena and the Apennines, in the eastern corner of Tuscany. This is a hidden region with extraordinary environmental and cultural heritage; definitely an interesting alternative to the traditional tourist destinations. Here the famous Arno river borns and carve unique valleys, shaping magnificent sceneries.

This is the land where art, history and spirituality blend harmoniously with the Nature. The landscapes inspired famous artists as Piero della Francesca and Michelangelo Buonarroti. Here Saint Francis spent a big part of his life: hermitages, convents, chapels are tangible marks of his passage during the pilgrimages to and from Assisi.

Local communities still cherish and preserve ancient traditions both cultural and culinary. Our routes follow ancient Roman and medieval roads or those paths used by shepherds during their transhumances.

You can walk through fields and virgin forests discovering picturesque villages, ancient settlements and renaissance villas. A tour in Casentino valley means to experience the peace and stillness, far from the crowd of the packed places.


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