Montmartre. In the footsteps of painters.

Sprache English
Kosten 160 EUR für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 10 Personen
Dauer 3 Stunden

Romantic walking tour in the bohemian neighbourhood of artists.

Tour available from March 2021.

You will enjoy a semiprivate tour in the company of a fully licensed tour guide. I will meet you outside Metro Blanche, Line 2, at street level, where the walking tour starts.

You will experience an Impressionist journey outdoors, outside a museum, discovering where the artists lived, learning about their incredible lives, passions, art and struggles.

You will stroll through the bohemian streets made of cobblestones, which still retains a rural atmosphere, cute squares with cafés and picturesque shops. You will be delighted by the view of timeless local bookstores, art galleries, hidden gems along the way. Each corner of the street in Montmartre tells a story.

I invite you to discovery it with me!


(1) Cabaret Moulin Rouge* - (2) Bar of Amélie* - (3) van Gogh's apartment* (where he lived for two years with his brother Thèo) - (4) the studio* apartment of Toulouse-Lautrec - (5) Moulin Radet* - (6) The villa* of the famous pop singer Dalida - (7) Moulin de la Galette* - (8) Outdoor art 'Le Passe-Muraille' or 'The Wall Pass' - (9) Buste of Dalida - (10) The Pink House* of the painter Maurice Utrillo, the son of the artist Suzanne Valadon - (11) Le Clos Montmartrean, an authentic Parisian vineyard - (12) Cabaret of the Assassins* or Le Lapin Agile - (13) The house* of Renoir & Valadon (today museum) - (14) Sacré Cœur Basilica* & a place for the best sunset & view of Paris - (15) St-Pierre de Montmartre - (16) Place du Tertre - (17) Café aux Billiards en Bois* (today Auberge de la Bonne Franquett ) - (18) Espace Dalí and Picasso's 'Bateau Lavoir'* (where ''Les Demoiselles d'Avignonthe'', the first cubist painting was created).

You will relive the atmosphere of the 'New-Athens', where the Batignolles Group, whose members were associated with Impressionism, gathered.


- Tour available from March 2021.

- * exterior visit (view from outside).

- Tour duration is 3 hours

- This is a moderate tour, not light

- This is a walking tour experience, that takes place outdoors. The streets can be a bit in the slope. The tour involve a fair amount of walking and stairs. You will walk during the whole tour. I recommend wearing flat shoes.

- The tour run ''by day'' (10am - 13pm) or ''by night'' (5 - 8pm or 6 - 9pm).

- I also offer 100% customised tours, scheduled at your convenience.

- For pick-up a group from the hotel, please inquire.


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