Journey to Moluccas Islands (13 Days / 12 Nights)

Sprache Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch
Kosten 11225 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 5 Personen
Dauer 1 Woche 6 Tage

Day 1 -2: Arrive in Jakarta then Flight to Ambon

Arrive in Sukarno Hatta International Airport at 18.00 then continue to Terminal 1 domestique departure for your next flight to Ambon with Batik Air ID – 6170 to Ambon at 00:10 – 05:40. Arrive in Ambon, Your driver and local guide will Pick you up and transfer to Hotel Swiss Bell In Ambon

End of the day. If you are not too tired then you can go and have a sunbathing in Pombo Island Atoll, Enjoy the Simplicity of Nature in Inhabitant Island

Pombo is a small, uninhabited little island surrounded completely by a rocky, coral atoll, which is a circular shaped reef. Pombo Island Marine Recreation Park encompasses an area of 1,000 hectares of nothing more than a stretch of sandy, white beaches and chunks of coral, sheltered by lush, green foliage. Flocks of exotic birds of all shape, size and color perch in the trees’ branches, while rare fishes and molluscs roam freely about the coral-studded ocean floor. The far-out location of the island, coupled with its protected state only enhances the allure of this natural, virgin environment.

The Maluku Islands or the Moluccas are an archipelago within Banda Sea, Indonesia. Tectonically they are located on the Halmahera Plate within the Molucca Sea Collision Zone. Geographically they are located east of Sulawesi, west of New Guinea, and north and east of Timor.

Ambon (Indonesian: Kota Ambon) is the capital and most populous city of the Indonesian province of Maluku. This city is also known as "Ambon Manise," which means "beautiful" or "pretty". It covers a land area of 298.61 km2, and had an estimated 2016 population of 427,934.[1] The city is divided into five administrative districts (kecamatan) - namely Nusaniwe, Sirimau, Teluk Ambon (Ambon Bay), Baguala and Leitimur Selatan (South Leitimur).

The city is populated by a mix of ethnic Alifuru (original Moluccas), Javanese, Balinese, Butonese, Bugis, Makassar, Papuan, Minahasa, Minang, Flobamora (Flores, Sumba, Alor and Timor tribes) and those of foreign descent (Chinese, Arabian-Ambonese, Spanish-Ambonese, German-Ambonese, Portuguese-Ambonese and Dutch-Ambonese).

Day 3: Ambon – Seram – Saleman – Sawai

Breakfast in the hotel then drive to Tulehu Seaport, take the Fery then crossing for 1,5 hours to Seram Island. Arrived in Amahai-Seram. Your next driver waiting for you in Amahai – Seram Island. Pick-up service then 3 hours driving time to Lisar Bahari Guest House in Northern Part of Seram Island. Arrived in Saleman Village then take Boat to your Hotel in Lisar Bahari Guest House. Free time, diner and overnight in Lisar Bahari Guest House

Tulehu is a village in Sala Hutu kecamatan, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province, ... are Muslim with Islam playing a prominent role in public and private life.

Sawai is a coastal area of the north Seram Island. This coast is popular for its cliffs. Instead of white sandy beaches, Sawai offers magnificent cliffs with green hills. The colour clash in the area will make you want to stay there forever. The turquoise water, the grey cliffs, and the green hills are simply irresistible view. Furthermore, you can also swim and snorkel because the waters are crystal clear and calm.

Ora Beach The Little Maldives of Indonesia

It will be weird to put Maldives or Bora Bora on my bucket list while being born and raised in a beautiful country like Indonesia! If you’re a fan of all kind of summer destinations, I’m proud to say that we have it all; from mountains, lakes, majestic temples, beaches, to the journey down to the sea. And for this end of year trip, I’m blessed with the chance to travel to Ora Beach in the heart of Seram Island in Maluku, Indonesia. An island with crystal blue sea and lime stone cliffs covered with tropical forest as a backdrop. This is the place to be if you want to have the feeling of Bora Bora without digging too deep into your pockets. In this post, I’ll share with you some of the things you have to know before visiting this beautiful hidden paradise.

Ora Beach is hidden beach on Seram Island, the largest island of the Maluku province in Indonesia. As with many hidden gems Ora Beach is not easily reachable. It will take you some effort, but in return you’ll get crystal clear water, coral reefs and mountains covered with tropical jungle. Each day on Ora Beach is a quiet day. You will be only surrounded with the sounds of nature; chirping of the birds, the wind and the sound of the sea. There will be no distraction from modern life. It is a perfect place to unwind and relax, go for a stroll or short hike, snorkel and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Day 4: Manusela National Park, a Complete Destination in Seram

Early departure by canoe. We will go up the Salawai river. After a walk in the tropical forest, we will arrive at the first post. Lunch Time then departure for the first bird watching platform, some of them are endemic.

Among the plants growing in this park are tancang (Bruguiera sexangula), mangrove (Rhizophora acuminata), api-api (Avicennia sp.), Lime (Dryobalanops sp.), Pulai (Alstonia scholaris), Ketapang (Terminalia catappa), pandan (Pandanus sp.), meranti (Shorea selanica), benuang (Octomeles sumatrana), mate / Kasai (Pometia pinnata), cajeput (Melaleuca Leucadendron), and various species of orchids.

There are about 117 species of birds and butterfly, 14 of which are endemic, such as the Eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus roratus), lory purple-violet (Lorius domicella), salmon cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis), the kingfisher lazuli (Halcyon lazuli), sacred kingfisher (H. sancta), seram friarbird (Philemon subcorniculatus), and king mollusks parrot (amboinensis Alisterus). The endemic Salmon Cockatoos population is now critically endangered due to hunting and destruction of its habitat

Night of bivouac in the forest or Basic Lodge

The northern part of Seram Island is a wonderful region with various beautiful spots. The best part of it all is probably covered in Manusela National Park. This park covers the various landscape, from mountains to the sea. Each and every spot are beautiful with their own charms.

Furthermore, Manusela National Park actually covers twenty percent of Seram Island. Exploring this park would be a great adventure for those who love nature. From the peak of a mountain to the depths of the ocean, Manusela has it all. Here are some of them.

Mount Binaiya

This is, plain and simple, the highest mountain in Maluku. This mountain is climbable, provided you have what it takes to go up there. At 3,027 meters above sea level, conquering Binaiya can be a great achievement for anyone. Among hikers, Binaiya is also one of the favourites. It is one of the seven summits of Indonesia. (it is an optional programme that arranged by the hotel if you want to make the track to this mount Binaiya)

Day 5: Manusela National Park – Sawai

After Breakfast Half Day trekking to explore all the beautiful around National Park consists of coastal forest, swamp forest, lowland rainforest, mountain and rain forest ecosystem types, with a range of associated vegetation types, including mangroves, riparian, and sub-alpine; end of the day back to Lisar Bahari Guest House in Sawai. Free time around Sawai

Day 6: Around Sawai – Ora Beach – Pulau Tujuh

Breakfast in the hotel then by boat you are heading to the island 7. It’s basically a small island with clear water, white sand and stunning corals. The main attraction is its coral reefs that are perfect for snorkeling. A perfect place to get tanned, swims, and snorkel. Then you continue to exploring ora beach and around by boat then, Hatupia Stone Cliffs, Goa Laut and Air Mata Belanda. Clear river water that comes from a spring that flows right to the beach is indeed very refreshing. It’s a natural phenomenon which you cannot see everyday. We had such a great time exploring the river surrounded with a lush of greens and sounds of birds from the forest; it almost felt like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Back to the Lisar Bahari Guest House for Dinner and Overnight

Day 7: Sawai – Saka Saleman – Masohi – Amahai – Ambon

In the early morning leave Sawai to Saleman Village then drive to Amahai Seaport, then crossing back to Ambon. Upon arrival in Ambon, if you are not tired, there is the possibility to visit Siwalima Museum. Located on Makmur Park Area, Amahusu Village, Nusaniwe District, Kota Ambon City, Maluku Province. This museum was established in 1973 and is filled with relics and historic objects. An extra this museum provides is that it is located on a hill facing the bay of Ambon providing a superb view.

The word "Siwalima" is formed from two words taken from the history of the kingdoms that once existed in Maluku. The word "Siwa" means nine meaning the collection of nine kingdoms in the southern Maluku and the word "Lima" means five is taken from Patalima which is derived from a collection of five kingdoms in the northern Maluku.

Continue to the second World War Graveyard. The Ambon War Cemetery holds the remains of over 1900 servicemen who died in the Battle of Ambon, during the Japanese invasion of World War II. A memorial also stands on a site that was previously known as a prisoner of war camp, with the names of more than 400 missing soldiers and airmen listed. Possibility to visit Christina Martha Tiahahu Monument

Straight away seeing a monument of a woman warrior gracing a landscaped hillside is impressive in its own right. But Christina Martha Tiahahu was not only one of the revered Malukan freedom fighters, she was also just 18 years of age when she died. She has since been officially been awarded the title of Indonesian Heroine in honor of her bravery. Christina fought with her father against the Dutch and also with the famed Kapitan Pattimuru, in 1871, when he led the attack on Fort Duurstede on Saparua Island. This proud warrior died, on January 2, 1818, from a self-induced hunger strike after being captured by the Dutch and sentenced to exile in Java. January 2 is now commemorated as Martha Christina Tiahahu Day. Then you can finish your day by visiting Pantai Pintu Kota or literally means the city gate beach is located in the Hamlet Airlouw, District Nusaniwe, Ambon, Maluku province. The distance is about 45 minutes' drive from downtown Ambon. This beach is one of the beaches that quite popular for tourists for both domestic and foreign that comes to Ambon.

This beach has beautiful view with the kind of rocky and stony beach. At this place, there is a cliff that juts into the sea and hollow. The hole is uniquely shaped like a gate. The cliff with a hole-shaped gate is becomes the icon of this beach. This beach is not too extensive, where most of the area is filled with coral and rocks. Some are stretching the pure white sandy beach with small boats docked as a background. The beach is often used as a shooting location and dive site spot because it has underwater scenery with stunning view. Some spots for snorkeling or diving are also in this coastal region and we have to reach the spots by using speedboats / boats that belong to local fishermen. Back to the hotel for Diner and overnight in Swiss Bell In Ambon

Day 8: Ambon – Langgur – Ohoililir

Breakfast at the hotel, free time then leave the hotel at 19.30 for the airport then Flight IW – 1504 at 12:25 – 13:50 Destination Dumatubun Airport a Langgur – Kei Archipelago in Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku Province. Arrived at Kei, Picked – Up service and transfer to your hotel. Diner and overnight at Coaster Cottage

Coaster Cottage located in Sarnadan Ngur beach located in the village Ohililir, District Small Kei, the beach is within walking distance of the beach Ngurbloat. The distance adjacent to make both the beach is always crowded by visitors. You can even visit the beaches along this coast.

On this beach you can fish, swim or snorkel. Sea water is very clear, so you can see corals and various types of fish very clearly. If you are tired of walking around, playing beach ball, then rest. On this beach there are hut hut used residents to sell such a unique culinary Maluku; grilled fish, enbal (typical food kei), young coconut, yams, fried plantains that if it can take off your hunger. If you want to visit this beach should be in the afternoon, because in the morning and afternoon sun here is very hot.

At the beach is also already there are several homestay built by the local government to serve your holiday time. So you do not have to worry about a place to stay.

Kei Islands – The most accessible part of southern Maluku, the Kei Islands are rapidly regaining their reputation as the place to go to look for perfect, unspoilt beaches.

The most popular destination is the island of Kei Kecil, which is connected by a bridge to the neighbouring island of Dullah. The bridge also connects the twin towns of Tual and Langgur that make up the capital of the entire Kei archipelago, and as such, the two islands form a practical unit.

In contrast to these two flat, deforested islands, Kei Besar, the largest of the Keis, is long, mountainous and forested.

The other islands in the Kei archipelago tend to be of the little white sands and coconut palms type, but the remotest of them, Tanimbar Kei, is noted for its traditional culture.

Kei Dulah is connected to Kei Kecil by a short bridge. It’s here you can find the connection to Pulau Bair, where snorkelling and diving are on offer amongst incredible limestone scenery!

Kei Kecil island, has an abundance of charm beach that unfortunately if you miss. If you visit to this town do not forget a visit to the beach Ngurbloat the finest sand mepunyai Asia, Turkish Ngustafur or tabob habitat for leatherback turtles in the local language. Besides the two beaches that beach Ngur Sarnadan also offers a million eksotic beauty of the beach.

Day 9: Ohoililir – Masbait – Diffur – Ohoililir

Breakfast in the hotel then driving to Masbait Hill. Kei Island has tons of tremendous genuine nature, in case of beaches marine tourism. The land contour is a bill hilly, but not too high. When we reach the highest point we can find Masbait Hill. Even the area is not too high like Puncak Bogor, but Masbait have something unique to be explored, especially for those who are Catholic and Christian People. At this Masbait hill, we can see the cross path, the miniature of Jesus’s cros path before He was crucified. In fact, there a statue of Jesus that standing in the position like giving His bless to the people around.

The majority of Southeast Maluku people are holds Catholic for their religion; this can be a big red line why this pilgrim site is being placed here.

In addition to be the pilgrim site for Catholic followers, Masbait hill is mostly visited to watch the beautiful small islands from the top. At that moment, we can see the aquamarine colors that line up from the top of the hill, showing the beauty of Southeast Maluku. Moreover, we can also see the grace of God during sunrise or sunset from this hill, the entire phenomenon are tremendous. There is the possibility to have a swim around Ohoidertawun beach is a gentle sloping beach. At the time of meti (low tide), this beach is instantaneously become a large field of up to 500 meters. Among all beaches on Kei Kecil Island, only Ohoidertawun has the longest meti every day. Usually, the meti time is the most awaited time for foreign tourists, for they can have time to sunbathing in the middle of the meti. We can also have fun at the meti by running and playing volleyball and football. Moreover, we can also looking for coral just like the Ohoidertawun villagers did.

Then continue to Difur Beach; In the north of Dullah Island about 15 kms from Tual. On the way to Difur, it's worth stopping at the village of Dullah to see its kora-kora "war" canoes housed in sheds right by the side of the road. Also from Dullah village, speedboats cross fairly frequently to the village of Dullah Laut on the island of the same name.

Difur beach seems to be the most popular local hangout these days. As such it has a few small stalls selling snacks and drinks, and little shelters for day-trippers as well as a newly built accommodation block for overnighters. While the beach itself is no winner by Kei standards, it is still quite good, and the surroundings, complete with forested hills right behind, are also nice. End of the day back to hotel for relax and free time. Diner and overnight at Coaster Cottage

Day 10. Ohoililir – Letvuan – Evu – Ohoider Tutu – Ohoililir

Breakfast at the hotel then drive to Madwaer or Matwair is a beach that located furthest among others. It located in the District of Kei Kecil Barat, about an hour from Ngurbloat. The road to the beach is not that good, rocky and it has broken asphalt. In contrary with the road to reached the place, the view of the beach is just has the same beauty with common beaches in Maluku. Tremendous!.

Madwaer beach is the most quiet and peaceful beach than other beaches in Maluku. Because it is located at the end of the village, there is hardly to find a crowd of pedestrians in here and there. Only local residents and young children that will be swimming around the beach are can be found here. If you walk a bit to the end of the location, we are guaranteed to feel like a private beach. It is Quiet and peaceful.

The beach between Ohoidertutu and Madwaer in the south is the true gem and one of the best beaches you’ll ever visit.

After enjoying the beautiful Madwair Beach you can continue to Hawang Cave. Hawang cave is a tourist location, which is located in the village Letvuan, 15 km from Langgur or Tual, Kei Islands. Goa Hawang is known as a tourist destination, which is quite hidden but has interesting myths behind that will make your trip more interesting.

The myth of the most famous in Goa Hawang themselves a condemnation of stone that make a man and his dog turned into rocks after they drank water in the cave but was instead issued a profanity. Hawang name itself also if interpreted in Indonesian means ghost, because most people there still believe that if in a cave that has a beautiful form of very clear water pool along the beautiful stalactite still inhabited by ghosts.

At tourist sites located in the village 15 km from Langgur Letvuan, the main attraction is owned rocks stalactite very interesting. There you can also see how the embodiment of rock curses as a myth by the surrounding community. In addition most certainly the main attraction of this place is the water in natural pools in the cave, which is very beautiful and very clear blue. The water was coming from groundwater sources. You can enjoy swimming in fresh natural pool then back to your hotel in the end of the day. (F0llowing your rhythm and time ) Spending a holiday in nature is indeed recommended, especially for those who look for a fun and comfortable experience.

As for reference, there is Evu Nature Bath features beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by several trees and plants. It is fresh and rejuvenating and Supplied by natural water, the ponds are quite revitalizing! End of the day back to your Hotel. Diner and overnight in Coaster Cottage.

Day 11. Ohoililir – Pasir Panjang – Ngurbloat Beach

Breakfast at the hotel then free time for snorkelling, sunbathing or walking around Pasir Panjang or Ngurbloat Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach complete with waving coconut palms with white sand can that can best be compared with flour. The waves are small, the currents not strong and the beach slopes gently into the sea making this beach perfect for swimming, snorkelling and Diving. The beaches at Kei islands are known to have some of the whitest, softest sand in the world. The sand is soft as powder and your feet sink away in it, truly incredible to walk on. Diner and overnight Coaster Cottage

You can stay relax around hotel or doing some optional tours as follows :

Exploring Bair Island and Ngur Tavur Beach

Breakfast at the hotel then 45 minutes driving to the seaport for exploring Bair Island.

Bair Island is a unique island with typical of tropical island. It is a small island with million charms. One of the uniqueness is coming from the two bays with crystal clear water and calm sea, mangrove vegetation and rock cliffs. At first glance, Bair Island is similar to Raja Ampat Papua but on a small scale. Bair Island is also a home for baby shark types Blackpit.

In Journey to the Bair Island we will pass several small islands, one of which is Adrenan Island. Adrenan Island is a small island covering an area of 500 m2 with the fascinating fine sand beach and the beach sand line that shifted to the east the because of the seasonal changes from east to west, and vice versa. Adrenan Island is suitable for those who like to play at the beach water and take some pictures.

After passing several islands in Dullah Laut Village we will arrive at Bair Island and will be immediately treated by the rock cliffs that surrounding Bair Island and if we are lucky we will be able to see baby shark Blackpit. After arriving in Bair Island bay we will be served by the majestic of high cliffs and some rocky cliff in the middle of the bay. When the sea is receded we will find some beaches that can be visited because it is not covered by seawater.

There are tips for friends who want to visit this island; bring sunblock, food and drink in moderation and do not forget to bring the litter back home to keep the beach clean.

Following the weather, changing of the current, high tide and low tide; you can continue to Ngurtafur Beach in Warbal Island, South-East Maluku Regency. This beach has a quite exotic of nature beauty. This beach has a distinction,that is white sand beach spreads out from Warbal Island to the sea for two kilometers along and seven meters wide. So if you are standing here on this sand beach you will find that here it seems like two beaches on your both sides. This beach also has crystal clear sea water which possible for you to see coral reefs beneath the water. That makes Ngurtafur Beach becomes a perfect place for swimming or snorkeling.

Here is a species of turtles named Penyu Belimbing, which is called as "Tabob" by residents. Penyu Belimbing is a rare and protected turtle species. Due to its rareness, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) established turtle breeding place in here. Besides that, this beach also becomes the haven for immigrating pelicans from Australia. You can get this bird watching if you are lucky. End of the day Back to Coaster Cottage for Diner and Overnight.

Full day tour to explore

Ngaf Island,Located in the east part of Kei Kecil Island, Ngav becomes a tempting vacation spot in Southeast Maluku Regency. This small island is also located near to other small islands like Er and Godon. No wonder, most tourists come to such location for island hopping and water sports. Not to mention the island features a secluded atmosphere, so it is suitable for relaxation and retreating. The thing is visitors should cross the sea using a ferry prior to spending good times in such island. Despite accessibility issue, there is no reason not to drop by in Ngav Island!

The Nuance

In terms of size, Ngav is bigger than Er and Godon. It features many nature attractions like beaches, coral reefs, and hills. In the coasts, the white sand would astonish any visitors. Not to mention the shallow and calm seawater make it a perfect place for water sports. In fact, there are some good spots for snorkeling. Thus, the jaw-dropping underwater scenery never ceases to amaze divers, including stunning corals and nautical creatures like a group of blacktip sharks! Now, that’s a real attraction.

Exploring Ngav Island

A vacation in Ngav Island is going to be an adventure, as tourists are able to explore nearby vacation destinations as well. At the first day, the prime destination will be Ngav. This is an important spot, on which tourists can go snorkeling and swimming. In fact, the island has stunning corals and fishes. Not to mention the visibility is excellent! Even beginners are able to enjoy snorkeling wholeheartedly. The thing is everyone should have eaten breakfast prior to getting in the water. This can be done in Ohoidertawun village, before crossing to Ngav

Er Islands. The island is situated near to Godon Island and it becomes a good checkpoint for island hopping. Travelers even come to Er for relaxation and finding inspirations, since it features unspoiled nature and a peaceful atmosphere. It is true tourists should give an effort to reach the island, but it is worth it. All visitors will be rewarded with a flawless environment, on which they can relax on and explore in comfort.

The Nuance

The white sandy beach is the main feature of Er Island. In such coastal area, tourists can do many things like playing in the water or exploring the beach. The problem is some twigs are scattered in the coast, so it is better to wear proper footwear. Even sandals would be good! The next feature is the formation of pine trees. They look both majestic and comforting, as they grow abundantly near to the oceanfront. In the horizon, there is a view of a nearby island (Gondo). This breathtaking scenery is indeed uplifting!

Exploring Er Island

The combination of good water visibility and numerous nautical attractions makes a perfect spot for snorkeling. Now, that’s a real benefit. Even though both beginners and experts can enjoy such activity in Er Island, everyone should know basic rules. For instance, it is related to the snorkeling gears. The prime rule is to prepare the right equipment prior to getting in the water. It is as simple as wearing the mask properly, which should fit the face. There should be no air leak at all. Otherwise, the water leaks too.

The mask is one thing, but there are other items to consider like the fins. Before entering the water, tourists should make sure their fins suit their feet. Those should not be either too tight or loose. It is the matter of comfort and safety, after all. Unfit fins would be quite uncomfortable, so snorkelers are not able to move swiftly in the water. What about the apparel? It can be anything, as long as it comfortable and swift.

Snorkeling in Er Island does require some skills, as these help everyone explore the water in comfort. The most basic skill is breathing, which helps improve the limit of exploration. With all these things in mind, tourists are able to enjoy snorkeling to the heart’s content. At the end of the activity, it is time to visit Ohoidurwatun Village. It is the location to enjoy some good foods and drinks. The locals might serve spending cuisine for any tourists, after all.

Day 12: Ohoililir – Langgur - Tual – Ambon

Early morning at 04.00 leave the hotel for the airport then flight back to Ambon GA – 7647 a 06h00 – 07h25.

Arrive in Ambon you will be picked by 1-2bali Team in Ambon then transfer to your Hotel, Free time around Swiss Bell Hotel Ambon

Day 13: Ambon – Jakarta

Breakfast at hotel then preparing your entire luggage then transfer to the airport at 09.300 for your return flight Batik Air ID – 7770 at 12:25 – 13:55 for Jakarta. Arrived in Jakarta transfer to your hotel….End of service

Our Services Include:

• Hôtel accommodation in half-twin/ double room with Daily breakfast.

• Tours and transfers by air-conditioned vehicles mentioned in the itinerary

• Local English Speaking Guide

• Boat trip to Pombo Island

• Boat Trip as mentioned in the itinerary

• All entrance fees and tours as indicated in itinerary.


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