Sprache Englisch, Türkisch
Kosten 200 EUR für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 4 Personen
Dauer 4 Stunden

Today we'll be visiting the 2 main historical sights of Kyrenia. Our first stop will be 'Bellapais Monastery'. This building is a masterpiece of Gothic art, and the most beautiful one in the Near East. It was built by the Augustinians who came from Jerusalem. It was in use until the Ottoman time. We'll walk in the authentic Kyrenia village and visit the house of Laurence Durell from outside.The author wrote his well known book 'Bitter Lemons of Cyprus' while he was living on the island. The second stop of the day will be 'Kyrenia Castle'. The castle was built during the Byzantine Period in the 4AD due to Arab attacks which is located in the harbor of Kyrenia. ıt was in use for many centuries and now it has became a tourist attraction. The 'Ship Wreck Museum' is a place that one must visit while touring in the castle. The museum exhibits date back to 2320 years and includes the ships final cargo, amphoras, olive seeds, fig seeds with many other items that was found in the ship. Last stop of the day will be Kyrenia Harbor. You will have free time for your meal and shopping. This is an ideal tour if you want a relax tour while you enjoy the history and the scenery.


*Professional guidance


*Parking tickets

*A small bottle of water for each participant


*If you are going to take the tour from other cities than Kyrenia and Nicosia there will be an extra transportation cost. Please ask for the price.

* Entrance tickets for historical sights, museums and lunch


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