Chulu East Peak Climbing

Sprache Englisch, Hindi
Kosten 1600 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe größer als 10 Personen
Dauer 5 Tage

The eminently climbable Chulu Far East (6059m) is located outside the Annapurna Himalaya among a collection of peaks known as the Manang Himal, and offers a stunning summit view that takes in all of the Annapurnas as well as a number of little-known peaks in Tibet.

Climbing Chulu Far East Peak will require you to remain at the elevated camp near to the summit. On the snow and ice, you are going to make your way toward the vast edge towards the south-west. This Climbing tour is one of the most challenging and well-received excursions; nonetheless, it is difficult to beat for its breathtaking mountain scenery, trekking and mountaineering challenges, and exposure to a variety of ethnic Nepalese cultures.


• 360 views of the Himalayas.

• Stunning vistas of the Himalayas and other stunning places.

• Hospitality and warmth are hallmarks of traditional Gurung culture.

• Plant and animal species variety; biodiversity.

• The hair-raising ascent to the peak, replete with tasty treats from the mountains

• Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage sites, including gompas, chortens, manis, and other architectural and cultural landmarks

• Notable as one of Nepal's highest trekking peaks

Outline itinerary:

Day01: Meet in Nawal and climbing training

Day02: Nawal to Chulu east Base camp.

Day03: Base camp to High camp.

Day04: High camp to Summit back to base camp.

Day05: Base Camp to Nawal

Cost includes:

• One government-registered trekking guide (ME)

• Trekking and climbing Permits

• All land transportation

• Trekking route map.

• A well-equipped first-aid box


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