10 hour weekend walking/train/boat tour through South-Holland

Sprache Bosnian, Tschechisch, Englisch, kroatisch, Slovak, Serbian
Kosten 400 EUR für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Jegliche Personenanzahl
Dauer 10 Stunden


Sign up for a weekend getaway and discover the Dutch South Holland province of the Netherlands in one day to taste something old (cities) from a new perspective! Explore the 5 cities of The Hague, Gouda, Rotterdam, Kinderdijk and Delft and visit their main attractions using diverse public transportation of train and boat, a much cheaper but not less attractive way for sightseeing. Could it be interesting? Why don’t you give it a chance?

Highlights / Itinerary

Discover one of the best modern European railway networks

Visit the Dutch parliament and the official place of residence of the Dutch Royal Family

See the famous Gouda cheese store with the oldest city hall building in the Netherlands

Explore the greenest town in the Netherlands and the center of modern architecture

Learn about the biggest European port and the most suffered Dutch city in WW2

Enjoy a boat trip to the UNESCO heritage place famous for 19 authentic polder windmills from the 18th century

Witness the beauty of the most romantic small town in the Netherlands



The Hague

- Binnenhof and Ridderzaal

- Dutch Parliament

- Davenport Prison

- Johan de Wit Monument

- Noordeinde Palace (Royal Family's Residence)

- The Candy Box Building (”Snoepjetrommel”)

- The Great Church/St. James Church

Optional: Madurodam miniatures, The Peace Palace and Scheveningen beach


- Historical City Hall building

- “De Goudse Waag” (Cheese Custom House)

- Arti Legi historical building

- St. John’s Church

- “De Weeshuis” (Orphanage)

- The Lazarus Gate

Optional: Gouda Cheese Experience (Cheese factory and Cheese Museum) and Windmill “The Red Lion”


- "De Stadhuis" (City Hall of Rotterdam )

- Cube houses and Blaak Tower ("The Pencil")

- Market Hall ("Horseschoe")

- Great Church/St. Lawrence Church;

- Schieland House, former city hall

- Old Port and "White House"

- Open Air Maritime Museum

- Erasmus bridge and river New Maze


- 19 windmills from the first half of the 18th century

Optional: 1/2 hour boat tour


-Delf's Market ("De Markt")

-New Church

-Old City Hall

-Vermeer Centrum Delft

-Old Church


-"The Girl's House" ("Meisjeshuis")

-Anton van Leevenhoek Monument

-Community House (Delfland)

-Wapen van Savoyen House

Optional: Royal Delft Museum and Workshop

Remark: up to 3 person reduced ( 40% discount) train ticket within whole tour !!!


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