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Kosten 1800 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 5 Personen
Dauer 1 Woche 1 Tag

The Lemosho route is a popular and scenic trail that starts in the west and travels through the lush forests and high moorlands of Mount Kilimanjaro to reach its summit. It is known for its high summit success rates due to good acclimatization profile.


The Lemosho Route offers stunning views of the mountain's forests, moorlands, and glaciers. It passes through several ecosystems, including tropical rainforest, alpine moorland, and arctic desert.


With a focus on acclimatization, the Lemosho Route is considered one of the safer options for climbing Kilimanjaro. This is because it allows climbers to adjust to the altitude gradually over the course of several days.


The Lemosho Route is less crowded than other Kilimanjaro routes, making it a good option for those seeking a more remote and peaceful trekking experience


The Lemosho Route is considered to be one of the best routes for summit success, with a higher success rate than many of the other Kilimanjaro trekking routes.


The Lemosho Route offers a scenic descent via the Mweka Route, which provides a different perspective of the mountain and its ecosystems.

Is Lemosho Route for Me?

Lemosho is considered the most beautiful route on Kilimanjaro and grants panoramic vistas on various sides of the mountain. It offers a great balance of lesser traffic, scenic views and a high summit success rate. It is highly recommended for those looking for a leisurely climb with a great acclimatization profile. On average you can expect to hike for 6-8 hours per day, covering a distance of about 8-15 kilometers. The maximum daily vertical gain in a day is about 1,200 meters, with an average being 500-600 meters per day.

Lemosho Route Prices

We do no compromise on safety and quality, so our prices are not the cheapest. However, they are also not unreasonably high like some other companies. We take a lot of pride in the value for money we provide to each and every client.



Return transfer from Kilimanjaro International Airport to accommodation in Moshi

Return transfer from accommodation in Moshi to the entry gate into Kilimanjaro National Park

Entry fees:

Park Fees: all park fees collected by Kilimanjaro National Park (conservation fees, camping fees, crew fees, vehicle fee, rescue fee and all others).


Accommodation at hotel in Moshi

Tented accommodation on Mount Kilimanjaro (modern comfortable 4-season North Face VE-25 tents)

Please note: by default, you will share a room and a tent with your travel companion. If you travel solo on a group expedition, we will room you with a same-sex participant. Single supplement is available upon request.


Breakfast in the hotel before and after the hike

All meals on the hike. You will find delicious energy-rich meals on our mountain menus. Our professional chefs will prepare assorted soups, garnishes, several types of fish and meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian/gluten-free/halal options are available at no extra cost

All drinks on the hike (coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water)

Hiking and safety equipment:

4-inch (10-cm) thick and comfortable sleeping mats;

All group equipment (dining tent, table, chairs, crockery and cutlery)

If you choose extra comfort package you additionally will have walk-in tents, sleeping cots, hot water bottles for the night as well as portable toilets included

Oxygen cylinders and oximeters

GPS-tracking service

Complete medical kits including Diamox.

Climbing crew:

Professional guides licensed by Kilimanjaro National Park. All guides are holder of Wilderness First Responder certification. All of them have 7+years of successful experience

Dedicated support crew (assistant guides, camp master, porters, cooks, etc.)


18% VAT, 1% TDL and 0.3% Service Levy. We have honest and responsible tour operator working in full compliance with the tax law of the United Republic of Tanzania.


International flights

Tips (250-300 USD per climber for the whole mountain crew)

Visa fee (100 USD for American citizens and 50 USD for all others)

Personal gear rentals

Lunch and dinner at the hotel (before and after the climb)

Portable toilets (if required - 250 USD per unit, one can be shared between 3 people)

Mountaineering insurance. You'll need special insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro that covers high-altitude trekking up to 6000 m

FAQs for Lemosho Route


From the perspective of acclimatization and daily altitude gain, the Lemosho Route is considered one of the easiest routes to climb Kilimanjaro. The extra time and distance of this route helps acclimatize well and minimizes the risk of altitude sickness. However it still includes the challenging ascent up the Barranco Wall and a steep climb to the summit on the final night.


The exact trekking distance for the Lemosho Route is 71km or 43 miles fom start to finish. This is done over 7 or 8 days. The average daily altitude gain is about 500m mainly because of the much higher starting point at 2360m and the longer duration of the trek. On the summit night you will climb 1200m from Barafu camp to Uhuru peak.


Due to its longer length, summit success rates on the Lemosho route are one of the highest on the mountain. Whilst there are no official statistics, the average success rate across all operators is 90% for the 8 day trek and a 85% success rate for the 7 day trek. However, we have a success rate of over 95% for the 8 day Lemosho route and a 92% success rate for the 7 day option.


The Lemosho Route is considered to be the most scenically beautiful of all the routes. The route takes trekkers from the west side of the mountain through lush rainforest before joining up with the Lemosho Route to cross the spectacular Shira Plateau. The route takes in the west and south of the mountain and the views are incredible, particularly from on the southern circuit.


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