A 10-Day Cultural and Historical tour to explore the heritage and the archeological sites in Iraq

Sprache Arabisch, Englisch
Kosten 1000 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 4 Personen
Dauer 1 Woche 3 Tage

A 10-Day cultural and historical tour to explore the heritage and the archeological sites and to experience the daily life in different parts of Iraq

Day 1: Baghdad

Our exploration commences at the Iraqi Museum, immersing ourselves in ancient Mesopotamian antiquities. The tour continues with a captivating walking tour through the old quarters of Baghdad, visiting al-Mutanabbi Book Market street—an intellectual haven, Mustansiriyah Madrasah, and the century-old Shabandar Cafe for a glass of lime tea. Our path leads to the Abbasid Palace on the Tigris river bank, a century-old juice shop with a refreshing raisin juice, and the Antique Market. A boat tour on the Tigris river follows, and we indulge in lunch at an old Baghdadi restaurant offering Kuba. The day unfolds with walks through bustling bazaars like Copper Market, Stationery Market, Clothing Market, and culminates at the iconic Freedom Monument.

Day 2: Babylon - Karbala

The next morning, our journey unfolds as we head to Babylon, exploring the original lower part of the Ishtar Gate, the Lion of Babylon, and strolling through the reconstructed palace of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II. Following the ruins, we walk to Saddam's abandoned palace, exploring its grandeur and encountering the last standing portrait statue of Saddam. Our path then leads us to Karbala, where we embark on a walking night tour, marveling at the magnificent shrines of Imam Hussein and Abbas, and immersing ourselves in the vibrant nearby bazaar. The night concludes with a stay in Karbala.

Day 3: Karbala - Najaf - Nasiyriah

The following morning, head to Najaf to explore the shrine of Imam Ali and the immense Valley of Peace graveyard, with over 5 million graves. Gaining a panoramic view from the top of a multistory garage, we look at the vastness of the cemetery. Continuing our travels, we drive to Nasiyriah province to marvel at the well-preserved Ziggurat of Ur, a pyramid-like stepped temple tower dating back to around 2100 BC, during the time when this ancient city served as the capital of the Neo-Sumerian Empire. The day concludes with an overnight stay in Nasiyriah.

Day 4: Nasiyriah - Chibayish Marshes

The next morning, we venture to the Chibayish Marshes, home to a community living in reed houses, embracing a way of life dating back to the ancient Sumerians. After interacting with the local Marsh Arabs, we embark on an exhilarating boat tour through the marshes, witnessing the reeds, swimming buffaloes, and various bird species. Following the tour, a delightful lunch of masgouf fish awaits in a reed house. We stay overnight in a reed house.

Day 5: Marshes - Basra

Continuing southward to Basra, we pause at al-Kurna town to witness the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and take a look at the ancient Adam tree. When in Basra, we’ll visit Shat al-Arab Corniche and al-Ashar Market. Our day concludes with an overnight stay in Basra.

Day 6: A full day in Basra

During the day, our itinerary unfolds with visits to several places in Basra. Starting at the Basra Museum, once one of Saddam’s palaces, stroll through the historic old town to marvel at the Shanasheel houses, former residences of affluent aristocrats. Our tour continues with stops at al-Hasoun Antique Museum and Cafe, a boat tour in Shat al-Arab River, a visit to the Lights Village, and see the statue honoring the renowned poet in Basra, al-Sayyab.

Another night in Basra awaits us.

Day 6: Basra - Baghdad

The following day, we return to Baghdad, dedicating our time to exploring the vibrant Karada District on the eastern side of the Tigris. Engaging in a walking tour through the market, visiting old cafes, strolling along Abu Nuwas Corniche, admiring the statues of the Arabian Nights, and pausing at the church visited by Pope Francis. Our tour concludes with a stop at Darbuna restaurant, offering authentic Iraqi traditional cuisine.

Day 7: Baghdad - Samarra - Musul

In the morning, we set out for Musul with a stop at Samarra city to explore UNESCO Heritage Sites, such as the spiral Malwiya Minaret, the Abbasid Pond Palace, and Abu Dalaf Minaret. Upon reaching Musul, our evening unfolds with a night tour at Bytna cultural center. Our stay for the night will be in Musul.

Day 8: A full day in Musul

In the morning, we will visit several places, including the 4th-century Mar Mattai Monastery on Maqlup Mountain, Al-Nouri Mosque, Assyrian ancient remains, the famed Leaning Minaret, Al Tahira church, Musul Heritage, Bashtabya castle, al-Musul unfinished grand mosque, walk in the fish market, and witness the destruction on the Right Side of Mosul, which experienced intense battles.

We will stay there for another night.

Day 9: A full day in Erbil

Next day, we drive to Erbil.

Once there, our tour kicks off at Erbil Citadel, a World Heritage Site and one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited settlements. Within the Grand Bazaar surrounding the castle, we'll stroll through roofed market lanes, explore diverse shops, and pause for tea in a historic cafe adorned with portraits of local figures. Later, we'll visit the Choli Minaret and the impressive Jalil Khayat Mosque. During the night, we will walk in Eskan Food Street.

An overnight in Erbil.

Day 10: The end of the tour

You can either fly from Erbil Airport or head back to Baghdad and leave from Baghdad’s Airport.

The price includes: Guiding services and transportation (private car and driver) for 3 individuals.


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