4-Day tour, exploring the northern part of Iraq, including Samarra, Erbil, Musul and the Ruins of Hatra

Sprache Arabisch, Englisch
Kosten 360 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 4 Personen
Dauer 4 Tage

4-Day tour, exploring the northern part of Iraq, including Samarra, Erbil, Musul and the Ruins of Hatra

Day 1: Baghdad - Samarra - Erbil

In the early morning, we head out to Erbil with a stop at Samarra city to explore the UNESCO Heritage Sites of Samarra, including the spiral Malwiya Minaret, the Abbasid Pond Palace, and Abu Dalaf Minaret. Upon reaching Erbil, our evening unfolds with a walking night tour along Askan Food Street. Our stay for the night will be in Erbil.

Day 2: A full day in Erbil

In the morning, our tour kicks off at Erbil Citadel, a World Heritage Site and one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited settlements. Within the Grand Bazaar surrounding the castle, we'll stroll through roofed market lanes, explore diverse shops, and pause for tea in a historic cafe adorned with portraits of local figures. Later, we'll visit the Choli Minaret and the impressive Jalil Khayat Mosque.

We’ll spend another night in Erbil.

Day 3: Erbil - Musul

In the morning, we will set out for Mosul.

We will visit several places, including the 4th-century Mar Mattai Monastery on Maqlup Mountain, Al-Nouri Mosque, Assyrian ancient remains, the famed Leaning Minaret, old churches, Assyrian ancient remains, cultural sites, walk in the fish market, and witness the destruction in the Right Side of Mosul, which experienced intense battles.

We will stay there overnight.

Day 4: Musul - Hatra - Baghdad

In the morning, we'll journey back to Baghdad, making a captivating stop on the way at the ancient ruins of Hatra. This was one of the first Arab kingdoms in Iraq, reaching its zenith in the 2nd century AD. Here, we'll explore mesmerizing temples and buildings featuring a distinctive blend of Roman-Greco and Eastern architectural elements. By evening, we'll arrive in Baghdad.


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