Kayaking and Rafting

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White scenic river in Paro & Thimphu

Rafting Experience in Bhutan

Beautiful Paro & Thimphu city Sightseeing

Tiger Nest

Rafting craze in Cities.

The country which prides itself because of its Gross Happiness Index rightly has enough reasons to keep its citizens as well as the tourists happy. Featuring undulating topography, the little Himalayan nation is famous for its extremely high altitudes and precipitous mountains and pristine nature.

With a number of rugged, untamed rivers meandering through its map, Bhutan offers the perfect destination for river rafting. Mo Chhu, Paro Chhu in Punakha, Sankosh River, Mangde Chhu, Wang Chhu, Puna Tsang Chhu and the Dangme Chhu are considered to be the best for rafting due to their easy access and safe course.

While river rafting is considered to be safer, white water rafting is more thrilling and adventurous.

Main Places of Rafting in Bhutan:

Paro Chhu River is more of a whitewater rafting due to its rapids and is quite adventurous. The view is breathtaking and one passed the longest suspension bridge in its course. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, this would be your chance to have it all in the 16 km course.

01. Paro Chhu (Bondey – Isuna Bridge)

Location: Paro Valley, Western Bhutan

Length: Approximately 10 km (3 hours)

Difficulty: Class III-IV

Flow: About 500 cfs

Season: March – April

Craft: Kayaks recommended due to narrow and steep rapids

02. Upper Po chhu - (Wangthangkha – Samdingkha)

Location: Punakha Valley, Western Bhutan

Length: Approximately 7 km (2 hours)

Difficulty: Class III-IV

Flow: 2000 -3000 cfs

Season: March – April, October – November

Craft: Kayaks and Rafts

03: Mo Chhu – Tashitang Devil’s Gorge Section (Tashithang- Below Punakha Dzong)

Location: Punakha Valley, Western Bhutan

Length: 12 km, 5 -7 hours with scouting

Difficulty: Class V

Flow: 1000 cfs

Season: February/December.

Craft: Kayaks only (too steep for rafts)

(Caution: Higher than medium flows makes this run dangerous. High water runs are not recommended for amateurs)


Day 01

1Fly to Paro

Fly into Paro, Bhutan and experience the majestic views of the eastern Himalayas as you descend into the narrow Paro Valley.

Overnight at Paro.

Day 02

2Rafting in Paro

Day 03

3Thimphu Sightseeing

Day 04

4Drive Back to Paro at Morning :

Day 05


After Breakfast our company representative will drop you to Airport. You will head to your own destination.


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