Manaslu Expedition – 40 Days Overview

Sprache Chinesisch, Englisch, Französisch, Hindi, japanisch
Kosten 6500 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Eine Person
Dauer 5 Wochen 5 Tage

The world’s 8th tallest mountain, Mt. Manaslu stands tall at a height of 8,163m (8.163km). Manaslu Expedition embarks on a journey to the top of Manaslu. It lies in the historically significant Gorkha district which falls in the western part of Nepal. Mt. Kutang is its popular name in Tibet. The name ‘Manaslu’ came from ‘Manasa’ which means ‘ the soul’ in Sanskrit language.

As the name suggests this mountain is well known as the “mountains of the spirit”.This mountain is a part of the great Mansiri mountain range and has the magnificent Mt.Annapurna at its west. Manaslu Expedition falls under the Manaslu Conservation Area, home to the breathtaking forest of rhododendron, pine trees and magnolias. Besides these, one can also spot various rare animals on their way. This route also has many glaciers, rivers, waterfalls and other stunning views.

This makes the trip to reach the summit more enjoyable and exciting. Once reaching the summit, the mountain welcomes its climbers with stunning views of the neighbouring mountains like the Himalchuli, Shringi, Saula, Ngadi Chuli. Marvel Trek is an established licensed expedition company.

It has been providing best facilities and services to its climbers since 1998 along with some great experiences. We not only keep your safety as the priority but also guide you to fulfil your wish of experiencing the thrill of climbing a mountain. The entire team of Marvel Trek is full of professionals who will be there to support and guide you throughout your mountaineering adventures.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Arriving at a hotel in Kathmandu

Day 2: Briefing and preparing for the expedition

Day 3: Driving to Besisahar

Day 4: Trekking to Dharapani

Day 5: Trekking to Teliji

Day 6: Trekking to Bimthang

Day 7: Rest day at Bimthang to adjust in the high altitude and low temperature

Day 8: Trekking through Larkya La pass to reach Samdo

Day 9: Trekking to Sama gaun

Day 10: Trekking to Manaslu Basecamp

Day 11-32: Climbing Mt.Manaslu and returning back to the basecamp

Day 33: Trekking to Sama Gaun

Day 34: Trekking to Namrung

Day 35: Trekking to Philim

Day 36: Trekking to Macha Khola

Day 37: Trekking to Arughat

Day 38: Driving back to Kathmandu from Arughat

Day 39: Exploring Kathmandu

Day 40: Returning home


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