Paldor Peak Climbing Overview

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Paldor Peak climbing is a popular adventure activity among mountaineers and trekkers who want to feel the rush of ascending a high mountain in Nepal. For those looking for a more solitary and difficult experience, Paldor Peak’s climbing path is an excellent option because it is less crowded than the routes to other well-known summits in Nepal.

Paldor peak is a very beautiful yet less explored peak tucked between Tiru and Karpu Danda and lines with the Ganesh Himal on its southeastern end. It lies at 5903 m and is a moderately difficult peak to climb. According to Nepal Mountaineering Association, the Paldor peak is categorized as group “B” peak climbing.

Bill Tillman, along with Peter Lloyd, Tenzing Sherpa, and Da Namgyal, during their course of exploration of Ganesh Himal, found out about Paldor Peak. Also, they did their first climb to this peak. Since then, the Paldor peak is slowly gaining popularity. Amazing views of Mt. Pabil, Logsang Karpo, Langtang Lirung, Ganesh I, and Ganesh V from the top of Mt. Paldor is the finest attraction of this trek.

Besides this, the trail also passes through incredible villages of Gatlang and Tangjet. Here, we can see the unique culture and tradition of local Tamang and Gurung people. Their amazing hospitality is worth experiencing. The rare flora and fauna of Langtang National Park make this journey more adventurous. Snow leopards, red pandas, peacocks, Rhododendrons, pines, etc., are the habitants of the park.

In short, Paldor Peak Climbing provides an incredible peak climbing experience. The route to this peak is unique, untouched, and very natural. What could ever be more heart-warming and blissful than trekking in a peaceful area?

Outline Itinerary

Day 1- Kathmandu to Dhunche

Day 2- Dhunche to Syabru Gaun (5 hours walk)

Day 3- Syabru Gaun to Lama Hotel (6:30 hours walk)

Day 4- Lama Hotel to Langtang village (7 hours walk)

Day 5- Langtang village to Kyanjin Gompa (3:30 hours walk)

Day 6- Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel (7 hours walk)

Day 7- Lama Hotel to SyabruBesi (6:30 hours walk)

Day 8- Saybru Besi to Gatlang (6 to 7 hours walk)

Day 9- Gatlang to Somdang (6 hours walk)

Day 10- Somdang to Paldore Base Camp (6 hours walk)

Day 11- Paldor Base Camp to High Camp (5 to 6 hours walk)

Day 12- Paldor Summit and High Camp (Full day)

Day 13- Paldor High Camp to Base Camp ( 5 hours walk)

Day 14- Base Camp to Pangsnag kharaka (6 hours walk)

Day 15- Pansnag Kharaka to Ruckhe Kharka (7 hours walk)

Day 16- Rupchet Kharaka to Bhalche (6:30 hours walk)

Day 17- Bhalche to Chadanda (6 hours walk)

Day 18- Chadanda to Betrawati one hr walk and Drive to Kathmandu 4 hrs


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