Rakaposhi Expedition Overview

Sprache Chinesisch, Englisch, Französisch, Hindi, japanisch
Kosten 3990 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Eine Person
Dauer 5 Wochen 5 Tage

Situated in the Karakoram Mountains range in Pakistan, Rakaposhi Mountain stands at the height of 7,788m. It is a beautiful peak surrounded by the great valleys of Bagrote and Nagar. The peak is also known as “Dumani” which means ‘the mother of the clouds.’ Throughout the world, it is the only peak that has cultivated land on its lap. In addition, it is the only peak on Earth whose descent from the summit to the base is continuous and direct for over 6000 meters. It is a little unexpected that there are just three paths to the peak, given the size of the mountain. That is why, Rakaposhi Expedition offers you an amazing experience.

Many people have thought about climbing the mountain’s peak because of its unique location in the Hunza valley, but only a small number have ever reached the summit. Because of this, the mountains continue to elude many tourists who come to the region. From Rakaposhi, it isn’t easy to ascend in any direction. The southern and eastern routes are extremely dangerous because of the significant avalanche risk. On the other hand, the western routes are very long, very high, and technically challenging.

Using the Southwest Spur/Ridge route, Mike Banks and Tom Patey of a British-Pakistani team made the first ascent of Rakaposhi in 1958. During the climb, both of them experienced slight frostbite. On the way down, another climber slid and died that night.

Marvel Trek runs a “Rakaposhi Expedition” that lasts 40 days. Our Rakaposhi Expedition package includes full board services up to base camp. Depending on the knowledge and skills of the client, the period may be longer or shorter.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Arriving at International Airport in Islamabad, Pakistan and transferring to hotel

Day 2: Driving for 8 hrs to reach Chillas and staying at a hotel

Day 3: Driving for 7 hrs to reach Minapin and staying at a hotel

Day 4: Trekking for 6hrs to reach Taghafari, the camp will be set

Day 5: Trekking for 4hrs to reach the Basecamp of Rakaposhi

Day 6-35: Preparing and climbing Rakaposhi and returning to basecamp

Day 36: Trekking back to Taghafari

Day 37: Trekking back to Minapin

Day 38: Driving back to Chilas

Day 39: Driving back to Islamabad

Day 40: Flying back home


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