Denali Expedition – 26 Days Overview

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Denali lies within the Alaska range in the Alaska state of the U.S.A. It is the tallest mountain in entire North America with a height of 6,190m( 6.190km). It is also one of the seven summits. It has two main summits: the Southern summit, which is the taller one, and the northern summit, which is the shorter one. Denali Expedition is also rich with glaciers as many as 5.

Previously, it bore the name ‘Mount McKinley’ in honor of William McKinley, the 25th President of the U.S.A. Later, it was changed to ‘Denali’ as the local Koyukon people had called it ‘Denali’ for ages. ‘Denali’ when translated into the indigenous language of that area means ‘the great‘ and the mountain has lived up to its name.

Denali stands proudly as the mountain where one can experience majestic views similar to looking from heaven. The views and landscapes are mesmerizing and exciting. At the same time, the climbers get to experience the untouched beauty of mother nature. The tundra region found in Denali Expedition is breathtaking and worth the climb. Also, the gigantic size and shape of this mountain never fail to amaze its climbers.

Climbers can satisfy their desire for adventure by climbing this mountain. They can also experience the majestic views of the landscapes and vegetation of this mountain. Our guides place a high priority on safety, giving you thorough training and the tools you need for a successful excursion. Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer or a beginner, we provide individualized support and direction to help you achieve your goal of reaching the breathtaking peak of Denali.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Flying to Ted Steven International Airport in Anchorage and driving to a hotel in Terskol

Day 2: Travelling to Talkeetna then flying to the glacier, camp will be set

Day 3: Moving to camp 1 at 2,380m altitude, camp will be set

Day 4: Transferring equipments to the Kahiltna pass, camp will be set

Day 5: Moving to camp 2 at 3,350 m altitude, camp will be set

Day 6: Moving around to adjust ourselves with the high altitude and its climate

Day 7: Transferring equipments to the Windy Corner, camp will be set

Day 8: Moving to camp 3 at 4,320m altitude which will be in Genet Basin, camp will be set

Day 9: Descending back to Windy Corner

Day 10: Passing through the ridge by climbing the headwall

Day 11: Resting for a day for accimilizing ourselves

Day 12: Moving to camp 4 at 4,900m altitude, camp will be set

Day 13: Resting for a day before attempting to climb the summit

Day 14: Reaching the summit of Denali mountain

Day 15: Descending from the summit

Day 16-17: Descending back to lower camps

Day 18-24: Keeping few days aside to make up for days that didn’t went as per The schedule

Day 25: Travelling back to Anchorage

Day 26: Flying back home


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