Mera Peak Climbing Overview

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Mera Peak Climbing is the ultimate adventure. The mountain is fantastic and the views from the top are spectacular. Mera peak is a mountain peak in the Mahalangur section and Barun sub-section, which is located in the Sagarmatha Zone. The height of the Mera peak is 6476m and is the highest trekking peak in Nepal.

There are altogether 3 peaks in Mera, Mera North (6476m), Mera south (6065m), and Mera central (6461m). The first ascent of Mera Central was made on May 20, 1953, by Col. Jimmy Roberts and Sen Tenzing. Since then, Mera peak is one of the most climbed and definitely a popular peak. Mera peak falls under the protection of Makalu Barun and Sagarmatha National Park.

The trail to Mera peak comes across varieties of flora and fauna. Flora like Rhododendrons, Juniper, fir, Himalayan birch, etc, and faunas like snow leopards, snowcock, bearded vultures, etc make the trail wonderful. You also get to see many Sherpa villages, lush forests, suspension bridges, monasteries, and ancient Gompas. There is a stunning view of Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and Makalu from its summit.

Mera Peak’s climbing path combines mountaineering and trekking to reach the summit. The climb begins at the village of Lukla, and the ascent to the top calls for some fundamental mountaineering abilities, such as the use of ropes, crampons, and ice axes. Although the climb is not technically difficult, it does call for a high level of physical preparedness and acclimatization due to the summit’s elevation of 6,476 meters (21,247 feet).

Mera Peak Climbing is not as technical or challenging as other peaks in Nepal. It is quite straightforward, still, the altitude and temperature can be a major problem. It is essential to complete some basic mountaineering training and have prior high-altitude trekking experience as part of your preparation. Additionally, it’s crucial to have the right clothing and equipment, such as thermal layers, waterproof outerwear, and high-altitude gear.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1- Kathmandu- Lukla-Chhuthang, 30 minutes flight, 4-5 hours walk

Day 2- Chhuthang- Tuli Kharka, 5-6 hours walk

Day 3- Tuli Kharka- Kothe, 6-7 hours walk

Day 4- Kothe- Thangnak, 4-5 hours walk

Day 5- Thangnak-Khare, 5-6 hours walk

Day 6- Khare- Mera base camp, 3-4 hours walk

Day 7- Mera base camp- High camp, 3-4 hours walk

Day 8- High camp- Mera peak, back to Khare, 9-10 hours walk

Day 9- Khare- Kothe,5-6 hours walk

Day 10- Kothe-Tuli Kharka, 5-6 hours walk

Day 11- Tuli Kharka- Lukla, 6-7 hours walk

Day 12- Lukla-Kathmandu, 30 minutes.


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