Kapuche lake Trek Overview

Sprache Chinesisch, Englisch, Französisch, Hindi, japanisch
Kosten 360 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Eine Person
Dauer 6 Tage

Wanderers looking for solitude in nature can discover a tranquil paradise in Kapuche Lake, a hidden gem awaiting exploration. Tucked away in the stunning Himalayan panorama , Kapuche Lake beckons with its serene beauty. It invites adventurous souls to explore its hidden splendor. Thats why, This undiscovered treasure, situated in Nepal’s pristine Annapurna region, captivates tourists with its turquoise waters. It is crystal pure and flanked by towering snow-capped peaks and lush alpine forests.

Kapuche Lake offers an extraordinary experience that captivates the senses and revivifies the soul. So, if you are an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, or a seeker of calm. Its remote location only adds to the charm of this magical place, where guests may savor the untainted beauty of nature distant from the commotion of contemporary life.

With meandering trails and spectacular panoramas at every turn, the journey to Kapuche Lake is a monument to the beauty of the Himalayan region. Numerous natural wonders will meet you as you start the journey to Kapuche Lake. Lush forests adorned with vivid hues and the sweet songs of local birds serenade visitors in it. It is nestled within the breathtaking Himalayan panorama.

As you climb, the air gets cleaner and crisper, energizing your senses and providing a break from the rigors of daily life. So, meeting local villages along the way, which offer a look into the region’s rich culture and tradition. Magar and Gurung ethnic communities, known for their friendliness, add charm to the voyage with warm hospitality at Kapuche.

The scene that emerges before your eyes as you approach Kapuche Lake is just breathtaking. You can’t help but gasp as the lake’s crystal clear waters reflect the peaks’ majestic beauty in a picture-perfect reflection.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1- arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2- Kathmandu- Pokhara

Day 3- Pokhara- Sikles- Hugu village

Day 4- Hugu village- Kapuche lakeback to Sikles

Day 5- Sikles- Pokhara

Day 6- Pokhara- Kathmandu


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