Upper Dolpo Trek Overview

Sprache Chinesisch, Englisch, Französisch, Hindi, japanisch
Kosten 970 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Eine Person
Dauer 3 Wochen

Upper Dolpo is a remote place, yet a very rewarding trek that lies in the mid-western region, between Tibet and Mount Dhaulagiri of Nepal. Upper Dolpo Trek comprises a vast arid region of rolling semi-desert highlands, a continuation of the topography of the Tibetan Plateau Upper Dolpo basically is a restricted area but we can get a special permit from the government which costs 500$. This place opened in 1989 publicly.

The route to Upper Dolpo is usually over 4000 m offering all the views of landscapes and green forests. The area is beautifully decorated with local villages, monasteries, prayer walls, and gompas. This area falls under the protection of Shey Phoksundo National Park.

The Park is the largest national park in Nepal and covers an area of 3,555 km2. In addition, you can see several floras and fauna throughout your journey. Dolpo is one of the few remaining places where the people of pre-Buddhist religion practiced Bon Po. Bon PO religion is quite similar to Buddhism. However, the only difference is this religion walks anti-clockwise around stupas and shrines.

The walk normally begins in Juphal and travels through a number of small communities, via high-altitude lakes, and over a number of challenging mountain passes before arriving in Jomsom.

Trekkers will have the chance to experience stunning views of some of the highest peaks in the world, such as Mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Makalu, along the way. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the distinctive customs and cultures of the Dolpo people. In spite of the effect of modernization, nonetheless lead mostly traditional lives.

The Upper Dolpo Trek is a challenging trek that is appropriate for experienced trekkers. It needs a high degree of physical fitness and takes two to three weeks to accomplish. Many trekkers discover the experience to be immensely rewarding and well worth the effort despite the challenges.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1- Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, (1 hour flight)

Day 2- Nepalgunj to Jhupal Flight and Trek to Dunai,(3 hours walk)

Day 3- Dunai to Ankhe, (5-6 hours walk)

Day 4- Ankhe to Sulighat, (5-6 hours walk)

Day 5- Sulighat to Phoksundo Lake, (4 hours walk)

Day 6- Phoksundo Lake to Phoksundo Khola, (5 hours walk)

Day 7- Phoksundo Khola to Phoksundo Bhanjyang, (6 hours walk)

Day 8- Phoksundo Bhanjyang to Shey Gompa, (5 hours walk)

Day 9- Shey Gompa to Namduna Gaun,(6-7 hours walk)

Day 10- Namduna Gaun to Saldang,(4-5 hours walk)

Day 11- Saldang to Yangze Gompa,(4 hours walk)

Day 12- Yangze Gompa to Sibu,(6-7 hours walk)

Day 13- Sibu to Jeng La Phedi,(5 hours walk)

Day 14- Jeng La Phedi to Tokyo Gaun,(5-6 hours walk)

Day 15- Tokyo Gaun to Dho Tarap,(4 hours walk)

Day 16- Dho Tarap to Tarap Khola,(6 hours walk)

Day 17-Tarap Khola to Khani Gaun,(4 hours walk)

Day 18- Khani Gaun to Tarakot,(4 hours walk)

Day 19- Tarakot to Dunai,(5-6 hours walk)

Day 20- Dunai to Jhupal,(2-3 hours walk)

Day 21- Jhupal to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu


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