Saipal Base Camp Trek Overview

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The Saipal Base Camp Trek is a trekking route located in western Nepal, close to the border with Tibet (China). The trek got its name after the Saipal mountain.

Mount Saipal being the 2nd highest peak in far west Nepal lies at a height of 7031 m and is situated in Humla district in Nepal. This trio of Api, Nampa, and Saipal form a small range of sharp, icy peaks. It rises from a long, steep, snowy crest. Saipal base camp itself lies at an elevation of 4700m.

Mount Saipal was first climbed in 1960. In the early 2000s, there was a restriction in this place due to long-lasting conflict between Maoist and Nepal governments until they came to an agreement achieving peace and a chance to visit this place again in 2006. Apart from this, Chetri, Brahmins, and some Thakurs and Bhotias populate this region. The Saipal Base Camp Trek introduces you to adventurous trails on unique terrain.

Saipal Base Camp Trek is a kind of off-the-beaten-track and very remote part of Nepal yet very beautiful and fascinating. The untouched trail with a very less crowded area makes the trek amazing. On the way to Saipal base camp, you can definitely get a view of beautiful landscapes, cultural diversity, rapid rivers, pristine forests, and so forth.

Moreover, it also offers you a panoramic view of Mount Saipal, Thado Dhunga Tuppa, Kapchuli, Mount Nandadevi, etc. Some of them lie in Uttar Pradesh of India. To sum up, the trek to the Saipal base camp definitely requires you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the remote, cultural beauty of Nepal.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1-Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2- Kathmandu- Nepalgunj (1 hour flight)

Day 3- Nepalgunj- Simikot (55 minutes flight)

Day 4- Simikot -Dharapani (6 hours walk)

Day 5- Dharapani - Kermi (6 hours walk)

Day 6- Kermi- Yalbang ( 6 hours)

Day 7- Yalbang - Chaala (6 hours walk)

Day 8- Chaala- Pue Kharka (6 hours)

Day 9- Pue Kharka- Sumju Kharka (6 hours walk)

Day 10- Sumju Kharka- Saipal base camp (6 hours walk)

Day 11- Sumju Kharka - Pue Kharka (6 hours )

Day 12- Pue kharka-Gurgure Khola( 6hours walk)

Day 13- Gurgure Khola- Lepcha Khola (6 hours walk)

Day 14- Lepcha Khola- Rani Kharka ( 6 hours walk)

Day 15- Rani Kharka- Tilin Kharka

Day 16- Tilin Kharka- Tharaka Kharka- (6 hours walk)

Day 17- Tharaka Kharka- Lampato (6 hours )

Day 18- Lampato- lamachaur (6 hour walk)

Day 19- Lama chaur- Chipra ( 6 hours walk)

Day 20- Chipra- Simikot (6 hours walk)

Day 21- simikot - Nepalgunj- Kathmandu


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