Khaptad National Park Trek – 11 Days Overview

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The Khaptad National Park Trek is a well-liked trekking path in the far-western part of Nepal. It gets its name in the Khaptad National Park, a protected area with pristine woods, meadows, and high-altitude grasslands. The walk is a rare chance to discover this isolated area’s natural splendor and cultural history.

With a total size of over 225 square kilometers, people widely recognize the Khaptad National Park for its extensive biodiversity. The park is home to various plant and animal species. It includes medicinal herbs, rhododendron woods, and threatened wildlife species. Some of the threatened wildlife species found in the park are the musk deer, leopard, Himalayan black bear, and various bird species.

The Khaptad National Park trek begins at Silgadhi, the district headquarters of Doti, which is readily reached from Kathmandu by road or air. Trekkers leave Silgadhi and travel through verdant forests, terraced farms, and traditional villages as they gradually climb to higher altitudes.

The length of the walk varies from 7 to 10 days, depending on the pace and route. Many routes are available for trekkers to select from. Still, the most popular one involves stopping at Khaptad Danda (the primary viewpoint) and Khaptad Baba Ashram (a spiritual place) and touring the neighboring villages.

Trekkers get the opportunity to contact the communities that live in the area while on the trail. Most people living in Khaptad are from the Tharu and Baitadi communities. Their distinctive cultural traditions, friendly hospitality, and traditional farming techniques have made them renowned.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1- Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2- Fly from Kathmandu to Dhangadi

Day 3- Drive from Dhangadi to Silgadi

Day 4- Trek from Silgadi to Jhigrana

Day 5- Trek from Jhigrana to Bichpani Camp

Day 6- Trek from Bichpani Camp to Khaptad National Park

Day 7- Khaptad Area Exploration

Day 8- Trek from Khaptad Area to Darugaon

Day 9- Trek from Darugaon to Tamail

Day 10- Trek from Tamail to Dhangadi

Day 11- Return Flight to Kathmandu


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