Moter bike ride Nagarkot Sunrise tour

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A motorcycle tour to Nagarkot for a sunrise experience can be a thrilling and beautiful adventure. Nagarkot, located near Kathmandu, Nepal, is famous for its panoramic views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, especially during sunrise. Here's a suggested itinerary for a one-day motorcycle tour to Nagarkot for a sunrise experience:

Before You Start:

Ensure your motorcycle is in good condition, and you have all the necessary safety gear.

Check the weather forecast and road conditions.


4:30 AM - Departure:

Start your journey early in the morning to reach Nagarkot in time for the sunrise. The early departure ensures you have enough time to reach the destination and find a good spot to enjoy the sunrise.

5:30 AM - Arrive at Nagarkot:

Nagarkot is approximately 32 kilometers from Kathmandu, and the ride should take around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions. Once you reach Nagarkot, head to the viewpoint area for the best sunrise experience.

6:00 AM - Sunrise:

Find a comfortable spot with a clear view of the eastern horizon. The sunrise over the Himalayas is a breathtaking sight, and the changing colors of the sky and mountains make it a magical experience. Capture some photographs and take in the natural beauty.

7:30 AM - Breakfast:

After enjoying the sunrise, explore the surroundings and find a local restaurant or tea house for breakfast. You can try some local Nepali dishes to fuel up for the ride back.

09:00 AM - Return Journey:

Start your journey back to Kathmandu. If you have time and are interested, you can explore different routes or make stops at other scenic spots along the way.

10:00 PM - Return to Kathmandu:

Complete your motorcycle tour by returning to Kathmandu. Ensure you have enough time to get back before dark.

This itinerary is flexible, and you can adjust the timings based on your preferences and the specific conditions of the day. Always prioritize safety during the ride, and make sure to follow local traffic rules and regulations.


Sunrise with Best view

Motorcycle Tour

Breakfast in nepali Style


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